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Tesla’s Cybertruck: Deliveries will not start until 2022

Tesla always manages to attract attention. This was also the case when the company presented the Cybertruck in 2019. Although deliveries for the pickup should start at the end of 2021, the start will be delayed until next year.
• The base model of the Cybertruck is said to cost $ 40,000
• The delivery of the Cybertruck will be delayed
• The Cybertruck could be Tesla’s first failure


That’s how expensive the cybertruck gets

Tesla advertises the Cybertruck on the company’s website with the words “More versatility than a truck – more power than a sports car” . It is also particularly emphasized how robust the six-seater pickup should be. Bulletproof glass and 30-times cold-rolled stainless steel should offer the car optimal protection, but that also comes at a price. The base rear-wheel drive model of the Cybertruck is expected to cost $ 40,000 in the United States. The base all-wheel drive model is priced at $ 50,000 as much as $ 10,000 more. A model with three engines and basic equipment will cost $ 70,000.

The Tesla pickup is being delivered late

The Cybertruck was originally due to be delivered at the end of 2021, but the American electric car manufacturer is currently struggling with a number of challenges. As InsiderEVs reports, the company is currently struggling to provide enough cells for its batteries. At the moment, Tesla is concentrating on “ramping up production of the Model Y at its Giga Texas plant, which is being built in Austin, and completing the factory itself at the same time,” according to InsiderEVs. The cybertruck, which is currently still in the alpha phase, is also to be manufactured in this facility. If the pickup were manufactured under the current conditions, it would cost $ 1 million. The Cybertruck will probably only come onto the market in 2022.

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Will the Cybertruck Tesla’s first failure?

According to Efahrer, more than a million cybertrucks have already been pre-ordered. However, it is questionable how many of these pre-orders will actually end up in a car purchase. You can reserve a Cybertruck on the Tesla website for only $ 100. However, these pre-orders are not binding and it is possible to cancel the contract at any time. In any case, the opinions on the pickup model from Tesla are very different. The American journalist Tim Healy wrote an article for The Truth About Cars (TTAC) on the unusual pickup from Tesla. However, his opinion on the Cybertruck is not very enthusiastic: “Tesla’s Cybertruck will be the company’s first flop,” says the headline. As the article also on the social media platform Twittermakes the rounds, Elon Musk himself reacts : “To be honest, there is always the possibility that Cybertruck will flop because he is so different from everything else. But I don’t care. I love him so much, even if others don’t. Other trucks look like copies, but the cybertruck looks like it was built by aliens from the future. ” It remains to be seen whether the cybertruck will ultimately be a flop or a success.

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