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Prison and poverty: what will happen to Trump if he loses the election

Donald Trump cannot afford to lose the election, or so say the experts who have been analyzing his case for the last 4 years.

There are still a few days until the results of the US presidential election are released (the last votes are said to be counted on Friday), but Donald Trump decided to falsely announce that he had already won, and it is not because he has a ball Crystal or a trusted psychic who can predict the outcome, you’re really clinging to the idea of ​​winning and you know you need to do it if you want to avoid a lot of legal trouble.

Who will be the winner? It is difficult to predict, we cannot forget that, in 2016 Hilary Clinton was in the lead for much of the count, but finally Trump managed to surpass her and take the main seat of the Oval Office . This time, the race looks very close, but the country already has a precedent to know what its next 4 years will look like if Trump wins again and that, for many, could be an important point to tip the balance in the direction of Biden.

For now, we can only wait and ask ourselves what will happen to the current POTUS if it loses? Can we see electoral fraud?

“He knows that if he doesn’t stay in office, he’s in serious trouble,” his niece Mary Trump told the New Yorker. “I think he will be prosecuted, because it seems almost undeniable how extensive and prolonged his criminal career is.”

So far, Trump has managed to escape unscathed from his impeachment , the dozens of lawsuits that have been filed against him have not affected him and the accusations of inappropriate behavior with women have gone nowhere (besides that there is the issue of his taxes ), but experts believe that, by losing the protection of the presidency, all that could change.

What exactly would he face?

First of all, you have to know that Donald Trump has some 4,000 accumulated lawsuits against him, including several civil lawsuits, so he could be taken to several lawsuits if he loses.

Second is your taxes, if you lose, you could have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties and, according to Forbes, this could lead to you having to sell some of your most important properties. Furthermore, Trump is said to have to repay loans worth $ 300 million. The Financial Times explains that about $ 900 million of Trump’s real estate debt will mature in the next four years.

On the other hand, the New Yorker mentions that, due to the pandemic, many of Trump’s businesses are in poor condition and, finally, there are some 26 accusations of sexual misconduct against him that could also affect if he leaves the White House .

Timothy Snyder, a Yale professor who has been watching Trump’s career closely, also explained that “the presidential office is what keeps Trump out of prison and poverty,” so POTUS really needs a victory to keep your lifestyle, and probably your freedom.

Snyder explains that he does not believe that Trump will leave the country if he loses (some believe he could refuse to leave the White House), but it is also not clear what his plans are in case that happens.

For now, the votes are still being counted, so Trump is going to have to be patient to learn the results of the election and begin to make his plans to deal with all the problems that are waiting for him.

Ismael Brooks
Ismael Brooks
Ismael is a versatile writer contributing to City Telegraph, where their expertise spans technology and global affairs. With a passion for exploring innovation, societal trends, Ismael brings a fresh perspective to every piece they craft. Follow Ismael for thought leadership and in-depth analysis , as he continue to contribute to City Telegraph's mission of informing and engaging readers with compelling narratives.

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