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Honduras Implements Curfew in Two Cities After Multiple Fatal Attacks

The Honduran government has taken action in response to the recent attacks that resulted in the loss of many lives. President Xiomara Castro announced on Twitter that two cities would implement curfews. In Choloma, a curfew will be in place from 9 pm to 4 am for the next 15 days, starting immediately.

In San Pedro Sula, the curfew will begin on July 4. President Castro emphasized that various measures, such as operations, raids, captures, and checkpoints, are being carried out to address the situation.

To encourage the identification of those responsible for the killings in Choloma, the government has announced a cash reward of $32,707. This is part of ongoing efforts to address the issue of violent gangs and turf wars, which led to the declaration of a partial state of emergency in certain parts of Honduras since December.

The Attack

According to a police spokesperson cited by Reuters, a tragic incident occurred on Saturday night in Choloma. Armed individuals entered a billiards hall in a neighborhood and began firing, resulting in the deaths of 13 people. Additionally, one person was seriously injured in the attack.

The spokesperson also reported that on the same day, there were at least 11 other unrelated murders in various locations within the northern Valle de Sula zone, including the city of San Pedro Sula. These separate episodes of violence further contributed to the overall loss of life on that day.

Additional security being deployed: Minister

Honduras’ newly appointed Security Minister, Gustavo Sanchez, revealed on Sunday that the government plans to submit a proposal to the Congress in the coming days.

The proposal aims to classify members of criminal organizations, such as maras or gangs, as terrorists. Sanchez made this announcement while speaking to reporters.

Additionally, he mentioned that 1,000 additional police and military personnel are being deployed to the Sula Valley, where Choloma and San Pedro Sula are located.

Approximately a week ago, a tragic incident took place in Tamara town, where members of the notorious Barrio 18 gang killed 46 female inmates in prison.

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The gang members used gunfire and machetes to attack the inmates, and the survivors were locked in their cells and subjected to flammable liquid. This brutal act shocked the nation.

President Castro strongly condemned the killings, describing them as monstrous. She also stated that the attack was planned by maras (street gangs) with the knowledge and tacit approval of security authorities.

In response, the government announced that starting from July 21, the Military Police of Public Order (PMOP) would assume control of all 21 prisons in the country for a year. This measure aims to address the security concerns within the prison system.

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