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North Korea’s Mass Anti-US Rallies Vow ‘War of Revenge’ Amid Spy Satellite Launch Concerns

Key Points

  • State media reports that about 120,000 people joined rallies held across Pyongyang.
  • The rallies occurred amid concerns over a possible second attempt by North Korea to launch a spy satellite.
  • The first launch attempt of a satellite intended for monitoring US military activities had previously failed.

State media reports that North Korea organized mass rallies in Pyongyang on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the Korean War outbreak.

The rallies involved approximately 120,000 workers and students who passionately chanted slogans, vowing a “war of revenge” to destroy the United States.

Images released by state media showed a packed stadium with participants holding placards declaring messages such as “The whole US mainland is within our shooting range” and “The imperialist US is the destroyer of peace.”

Amidst concerns of a possible launch of its first military spy satellite, following a failed attempt in May, North Korea asserts possessing the “strongest absolute weapon” to punish the US and claims its people are determined to avenge the enemy.

The country has been conducting tests of various weapons, including its largest intercontinental ballistic missile, as a nuclear-armed nation.

The heightened testing activities by North Korea have increased tensions with South Korea and its main ally, the United States.

In a separate report from the foreign ministry, North Korea accused the US of making desperate attempts to initiate a nuclear war, alleging that Washington has been deploying strategic assets to the region.

It’s important to note that despite the cessation of direct hostilities, North and South Korea are technically still at war since the Korean War of 1950-1953 concluded with a truce rather than a formal treaty.

This situation has contributed to the ongoing state of tension and uncertainty between the two nations.

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