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Stade Rennais Football Club: A Legacy of Excellence in French Football


Stade Rennais Football Club, known as Stade Rennais or SRFC, has carved an illustrious legacy in French football. From its founding in 1901 to its recent successes, the club’s journey reflects resilience, strategic prowess, and a commitment to excellence.

Founding and Early Triumphs

Formation and Inaugural Victory: Explore Stade Rennais’ early years, marked by the club’s foundation, initial defeats, and the pivotal victory in the inaugural league season of 1902.

Merger and Dominance: Witness the transformative merger with FC Rennais in 1904, leading to four consecutive titles post-World War I under the leadership of Arthur Griffith.

Rise, Fall, and Resurgence

1958 Promotion: Discover the late 1950s upheaval and the subsequent promotion to Division 1 in 1958 under President Louis Girard.

Historic Win in 1964–65: Delve into the historic moment as Rennes clinched its first major honor, the Coupe de France, in the 1964–65 season.

1994 Resurgence: Navigate through the challenges of the ’70s to ’90s, the resurgence in 1994, and the strategic focus on youth development.

Photo officielle Stade Rennais FC 2013-2014

The Pinault Era: A Decade of Glory

Ownership by François Pinault: Uncover the transformative era beginning in 1998 under François Pinault’s ownership, leading to notable achievements in European competitions.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Explore Pinault’s strategic investments, including a modern training center and stadium overhaul, contributing to Rennes’ success.

Recent Triumphs and European Ventures

2017–18 Ligue 1 Resurgence: Witness Rennes’ resurgence in the 2017–18 Ligue 1 season, qualifying for the UEFA Europa League.

2018–19 Coupe de France Win: Relive the thrilling Coupe de France victory against Paris Saint-Germain in the 2018–19 season.

European Adventures: Explore Rennes’ notable run in the 2018–19 UEFA Europa League, showcasing prowess on the continental stage.

The Glorious 2019–20 Season

Champions League Qualification: Mark the watershed moment in 2019–20 as Rennes secured a third-place finish in Ligue 1, qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.

Roazhon Park: A Fortress of Dreams

Historic Home Ground: Journey through the history of Roazhon Park, Rennes’ home since 1912, and its enduring significance.

La Piverdière: Nurturing Future Stars

Youth Development: Explore La Piverdière, the training ground producing talents like Eduardo Camavinga and Joris Gnagnon.

Top Scorers

1Benjamin Bourigeaud154
2Amine Gouiri153
Ibrahim Salah103
4Ludovic Blas142
Arnaud Kalimuendo132
6Adrien Truffert141
Lorenz Assignon131
Désiré Doué131
Arthur Theate121
Christopher Wooh51
Jérémy Doku21
12Steve Mandanda150
Enzo Le Fée130
Baptiste Santamaria130
Warmed Omari120
Nemanja Matic120
Jeanuël Belocian120
Bertug Ozgur Yildirim90
Fabian Rieder80
Martin Terrier70
Guela Doué70
Mahamadou Nagida10
Lovro Majer10
Birger Meling10
Mathis Lambourde10

Top Assists

1Benjamin Bourigeaud152
2Amine Gouiri151
Ludovic Blas141
Lorenz Assignon131
Martin Terrier71
6Steve Mandanda150
Adrien Truffert140
Enzo Le Fée130
Arnaud Kalimuendo130
Baptiste Santamaria130
Désiré Doué130
Arthur Theate120
Warmed Omari120
Nemanja Matic120
Jeanuël Belocian120
Ibrahim Salah100
Bertug Ozgur Yildirim90
Fabian Rieder80
Guela Doué70
Christopher Wooh50
Jérémy Doku20
Mahamadou Nagida10
Lovro Majer10
Birger Meling10
Mathis Lambourde10

Match Performance

Goals Scored (H)5Stade Rennais5 – 1MetzSun, 13 Aug
Goals Scored (A)1Lens1 – 1Stade RennaisMon, 21 Aug
Goals Conceded (H)3Stade Rennais1 – 3Paris Saint-GermainMon, 9 Oct
Goals Conceded (A)2Lorient2 – 1Stade RennaisSun, 22 Oct
Winning Margin4Stade Rennais5 – 1MetzSun, 13 Aug
Losing Margin-2Stade Rennais1 – 3Paris Saint-GermainMon, 9 Oct


The journey of Stade Rennais Football Club, from its humble beginnings to a footballing powerhouse, echoes a narrative of resilience and strategic vision. As the club continues to make history, its legacy in French football remains indelible.

Lillian Hocker
Lillian Hocker
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