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All the WhatsApp news that will arrive in 2021

From Google Translate to “Read Later” mode: this is all you need to know about the WhatsApp news that will arrive in May

The messaging app has decided to respond to the Telegram offensive by introducing two important new features in WhatsApp for its users.

Many Applications options to stop using WhatsApp

After the decision to introduce new terms of service that have caused the loss of millions of users in favor of Telegram, which has also studied a special tool to import WhatsApp chats without losing a single message, the Facebook group app decided to take cover: first he suspended the change in privacy rules and then worked on some important changes to the usability and user experience within the messaging app. These are the news with which WhatsApp wants to deal with Telegram.

WhatsApp news: a reminder so you don’t forget to reply to messages

In the next update scheduled for the month of May, the app plans to include a new tool called “Read later” that will allow you to mark all the messages that you do not want to miss in the flow of daily conversations, so that WhatsApp reminds you that you should read it more late in the day when you have a free moment. Just hold your finger on the message and click on the new option as soon as it becomes available.

Not to be confused with the “Read later” function recently introduced in the messaging app, which allows you to create a kind of “black list” where you can choose not to receive notifications, messages or anything from the most annoying chats that torment you with useless messages every day.  (Also read: Whatsapp: those who do not accept the new privacy rules will not be able to read or send messages )

For example, if you want to avoid the barrage of Christmas greetings in the most chaotic groups, you can pause them until the end of the year and avoid problems. Or, if you have a meeting throughout the day and do not want to miss the most important messages, you can decide that your favorite chats are in this list visible at the top of the main screen to make sure you do not lose them in the course of the daily flow of messages. (Also Read: Telegram mocks the fall of WhatsApp with memes)

How to activate Google Translate in WhatsApp news

The other novelty of WhatsApp that arrives is the possibility of using the Google Translate within the application automatically. In this way, you can translate a phrase or a message into all the languages ​​available in the Big G tool with a simple click within the messaging application.

To use it, you have to download the Google Translate application on your phone, then enter WhatsApp Settings, select the option “Touch to translate” and activate the data exchange between the two applications.

Now you just have to go to the chat that interests you, keep your finger pressed on the message to be translated and click on copy; At this point, press the translator icon between the applications that will appear at the bottom of the page and you will see the translated message. From now on, chatting in different languages ​​will be much more pleasant.

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