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Mercedes C-Class (2021): The most successful Benz gets an update

The C-Class is the box-office hit at Mercedes. The successful model has already sold over ten million times. Now Mercedes is presenting the new generation.
We know the procedure: first the spearhead, then the other series. So after the S- comes the new Mercedes C-Class . It has been on the road since 1982, back then under the name 190. Eleven years later, the model got its name, which is still used today – and which Mercedes has poured a lot of money into the coffers in recent years. The C-Class became the best-selling Benz. It goes without saying that many are looking forward to the latest generation. On February 23, 2021 Mercedes has the new station wagon as well as the sedan the world. What is noticeable is that the youngest model has benefited from its big brother, the S-Class, primarily in terms of technology.

Mercedes C-Class (2021): So much S is in the updated successful model

When it comes to design and aesthetics, the Swabians are always a little more reserved with their strongest volume model. The star no longer sits on the hood here either, but slides down into the middle of the radiator grille. The sheet metal dress was handled with kid gloves – the sedan and T-model are just a little longer, wider and slightly flatter. The wheelbase grows by 25 millimeters, the cargo space in the station wagon by 30 liters and the occupants enjoy more shoulder, leg and elbow freedom.
A look at the technical innovations is much more exciting. We also find a lot from the S-Class here, albeit with slight cutbacks. So there is the rear-wheel steering, which we have come to appreciate in the flagship, also in the new C-Class, but not with a 10-degree steering angle, but “only” with 2.5 degrees. That might sound a little disappointing, but it’s still a step forward. Especially cornering should be much more pleasant and in the parking garage you benefit from a smaller turning circle.
There are also parallels to the S-Class in the interior. For example, we are already familiar with the large central monitor. It can be assumed that it will also ensure greater ease of use in the new E-Class. The new MBUX system (short for: Mercedes-Benz User Experience) is now also available in the C-Class. To make you feel even more comfortable, services such as streaming, “Hey Mercedes” and augmented video are now possible. The latter feature can project turn arrows, house numbers and other navigation symbols onto the display.Also Read:

New engine line-up for the Mercedes C-Class

When it comes to engines, a new chapter has been opened at Mercedes-Benz. From now on, the C-Class will only be available with 4-cylinder engines. Plug-in hybrids with a choice of gasoline or diesel engines are also available. The product range starts with the C 180 with 170 hp and ends, for the time being, with the C 300, which delivers 258 hp. The two diesel variants produce 200 hp in the C 220d and 265 hp in the C 300d.
Mercedes has not yet announced prices, orders can be made from March 30th, and delivery will be made this summer. When the AMG variants will follow has not been communicated. What is certain, however, is that an all-terrain version will come onto the market next year .

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