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Instagram introduced “rooms” for live broadcasts

The American social network Instagram (owned by Facebook) has introduced “rooms” for live broadcasts in video mode. This happened against the background of the growing popularity of the voice social network Clubhouse, in which “rooms” are the main format.

Instagram users used to be able to stream online with one co-host. Now the service has added the Live Rooms feature. It makes it possible to make three people co-hosts already.

To launch such a “room”, you need to create a live broadcast. Then you can immediately add three co-hosts from the broadcast guest list or invite them as needed. Other users will have the option to ask the presenter to add them as co-hosts. (Read More: How Facebook is Monopolizing Internet)

Instagram expects the new feature to open up more creative possibilities for users. For example, they will be able to host talk shows or jam sessions.

A similar principle is implemented in the American social network Clubhouse, where there is no video and people can communicate only by voice. Communication takes place live in the so-called “rooms”. The moderators open the “rooms” and raise the speakers from among the guests of the broadcast onto the “stage”.(Also Read: What is Clubhouse for and how to use it for work)

The project was launched in March 2020, but it became popular in February 2021, when the social network attracted famous people, including the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and the head of Tesla Elon Musk. In Russia, Clubhouse has already topped the rating of the most downloaded free applications in the App Store, a store for smartphones with the iOS operating system. In a week, she managed to bypass popular instant messengers and social networks. 

Earlier, “Secret” said that popular Russian bloggers began to charge for silence in the Clubhouse. Celebrities are ready to pay up to half a million rubles for a silent visit to one of the rooms where the conversation is taking place. The thing is that famous bloggers have a lot of subscribers who automatically receive a notification about a conversation if this or that celebrity enters it.

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