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What is Clubhouse for and how to use it for work

Dario Vignali, digital marketing expert, explains how to best use the new Clubhouse social network from a professional point of view

What is Clubhouse for ? Is it possible to learn how to use it well even for issues in some way related to the world of work? Some remind us of the era of radio amateurs, others, younger, see him a bit as the secret son of Facebook and podcasts . Clubhouse , the social network of the moment, is a bit of all this: evolution of the “rooms” where radio amateurs met when there was no internet but also a new hypothesis of socialization by voice alone, where conversation takes the place of the selfie ( or lip-sync).

Even though Clubhouse is still in its nascent stage, there are those who wonder what we will do with it in the future. Will it last or will it be a fad? And if it lasts, what benefit will it bring us from a professional point of view? Will a medium that frees the voice from the intrusiveness of the image be able to become a star factory as happened with Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch? Today it is difficult to answer this question. But according to insiders, the founders of Clubhouse would be ready to launch rooms (i.e the virtual places where you chat with other users) for a fee . And that could make a difference. In the meantime, there is some way to take advantage of the long wave of Clubhouse. Word of Dario Vignali, entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, who explains: “Yes, we can exploit it from a professional point of view, bearing in mind that the only true content of Clubhouse are the rooms, so it is good to refine the art of conversation”.

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An opportunity on a professional level

Basing everything on voice conversations , between several people, Clubhouse is, for example, useful for getting in touch with interesting people who work in our sector ( networking ) and to add another piece to the construction of our “social” self ( personal branding). “Especially in this phase of discovery (Clubhouse at the moment is by invitation and only for iPhone) – explains Vignali – it can happen to enter rooms where famous and expert people converse, with whom it would be more difficult to get in touch elsewhere”. In short, being on Clubhouse now that it still retains an allure of exclusivity could give us an advantage. But for this to be the case, it is good to implement a small marketing strategy. «The first thing to do – explains Vignali – is to devote time to our bio, published on our personal file. It needs to be written intelligently to communicate what we want others to know about us. Then, we can choose to open a room or join a conversation already in progress ».

What to do after opening a room

“If we’re in control of a topic, it might be a good idea to open a room and invite other users to join the conversation,” suggests the expert. «But be careful: if we want to be noticed as experts, in our rooms we will have to act as the hosts of talk shows. It is good to refine the ability to know how to moderate the discussion, giving and taking the floor to the guests. And we also need to be good at keeping up the pace and making sure that the group conversation doesn’t go off topic. This guarantees the success of a room ».

If we participate in a conversation

If we enter a room where a conversation is already in progress, Vignali’s advice is to always keep in mind that the one we enter is a one-to-many communication.. «Among the interlocutors there will be people who do not know us. And they can easily get bored. So it is good to express yourself clearly, to be concise and effective. But above all it is worth listening very carefully to what others say in order to offer them an opinion that makes sense. Organizing topics in our minds before speaking might be a good idea. Last but not least, we always remember that we are on a social network so every opinion and every idea should be seasoned from our personal point of view. Something that relates to our experience. This will ensure that those who listen to us will be intrigued by us and not just by what we say ». For everything else, even on Clubhouse as in conversations in person, what the great Oscar Wilde wrote is valid:

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