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Elon Musk wants to create a city of his own

It will be called "Starbase" and it will be in Texas, and this time it is not just a dream.Elon Musk now wants to build...

    Internet Giant Facebook plans to reveal data protection information in the dispute with Apple

    IPhone and iPad users should soon have more control over their privacy. This undermines an important business model for Facebook.

    Facebook will appeal to users on Apple devices to allow the online network to collect their data across various apps and web services. For this they will see a full screen information notice, as the online network announced on Monday.

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    More control

    The background to the advance is Apple’s plan to give users of its iPhones and iPads new options for controlling their privacy and, accordingly, to allow apps such as Facebook and Instagram to obtain tracking permission . Above all, this means that app developers have to ask users for permission to collect data across different services.

    Facebook fears that many users will refuse to give their consent. However, Facebook’s business model thrives on the promise to advertisers to precisely meet the desired target group. However, this requires as much knowledge as possible about the people – and if many Facebook users refuse their consent, the personalization of the ads could become less precise.

    Giving back decision-making authority

    Facebook criticizes that Apple’s move will harm small and medium-sized companies that are particularly dependent on advertising on the online network, especially in the corona pandemic. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg also accused Apple of acting in its own interest.

    Apple, on the other hand, speaks of the goal of giving its customers back the authority to decide how their data is handled. At the same time, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke last week – without naming Facebook – of a “branching ecosystem” made up of companies and data dealers, as well as those who circulate false news and sow dissension.

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