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The Oppo Crew : the new community for digital talents

Members who join this crew will have the opportunity to preview the brand’s products, follow official training with the company and participate in unique events. Here’s how to apply

Instagrammer? TikToker? Youtuber? Twitcher? Today’s creativity also passes through social media and technology. OPPO knows it well , one of the world’s leading companies in the smart device sector, which just recently decided to announce the creation of a real OPPO CREW: a new community expressly dedicated to all those who want to share their passion for Hi Tech and for the same brand.

Why be part of it

Becoming part of this innovative community project means above all living an engaging experience within the world of technology. Throughout the year, in fact, the members of the OPPO CREW will be called to share their passion for technology and for the brand’s products, creating creative content such as news, videos, reviews and photos to be published on their social media ‘hashtag #OPPOCrew. The selected members will receive a special welcome kit with OPPO-branded gadgets and merchandising, and will have the opportunity to preview the brand’s products, follow official training from the company and participate in unique events. In addition, the crewers can also become the protagonists of the numerous OPPO fan meets that will be held throughout the Italian territory.

How do you enter the OPPO CREW

Applying to become part of the OPPO CREW program is simple: just fill in the form available on the initiative’s website by 31 December 2021 , tell about your passions and why you want to become a member of the project. Attention, because only candidates who will be able to stand out in the best possible way for their creative spirit, sharing energy, knowledge of the brand and the tech world will be able to pass the selections and become official members of the CREW.

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«The goal of OPPO CREW is to create a group of enthusiasts who can become a reference point for those who love technology and the OPPO world – comments Isabella Lazzini, Chief Marketing Officer of OPPO Italy. – Members who join the program will be able to become one of the voices of the brand, creating creative, engaging and unique content to share with their followers. Together with the OPPO CREW we want to create an all-round inclusion process in the innovative and creative world of OPPO and make the participation of our fans more active, exciting and exciting

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