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Covid vaccine, on the dark web you can buy it illegally for $ 500

A research by Check Point has discovered a real list dedicated to the coronavirus including vaccines, false certificates and negative tests

The Covid vaccine campaign is running slowly in Italy, and so someone has found a way to skip the line and get vaccinated within 48 hours even if you are not among the risk categories or are not of the right age. to access the reservation. Just spend $ 500 to receive the vaccine doses needed for the coronavirus comfortably at home . Is that too high a figure? Then you can buy a fake vaccination passport for just $ 150 . Check Point Research discovered this by surfing the dark web: In the dark side of the Internet where all is allowed, cybercriminals have started offering vaccine doses from every pharmaceutical company and fake vaccination certificates, posing as official bodies. We already knew that on the dark web we could find secret information , buy fake documents or recruit ruthless killers, but now to this list of crimes we must also add a detailed list designed for Covid-19.

Researchers have seen a 300% increase in advertisements on dark web marketplaces over the past few weeks, compared to the last check carried out in January, when the vaccination campaign was still in its infancy. You can choose the vaccine you like best and buy it from one of the 1200 available listings: you can save by choosing AstraZeneca or the Chinese Sinopharm (at $ 500), otherwise add $ 100 more and you can have the Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Moderna or the vaccine. Sputnik . Obviously, this is not a legal sale and the doses do not necessarily exist; plus, even if they were, there is no guarantee that the vials were stored at the correct temperature, rendering them potentially useless.

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    Otherwise, you can always throw yourself on the fake vaccination cards . Just provide the names of the people “to be vaccinated”, the dates on the certificate, and evidence of a $ 200 bitcoin transfer to receive a fake license at home stating that you have received the vaccine. A tool that could soon be preparatory to moving between European regions and countries, as well as giving you the green light for holidays or travel by plane and abroad. But with the spread of rapid tests for Covid-19 , prices have also dropped to receive a negative coronavirus swab or test certificate.«We send negative tests for those who have to travel abroad or for those who want to get a job. We only need 30 minutes and 25 dollars to send them by email »reads an advertisement. Two extremely dangerous tools that could allow anyone to travel freely without taking the necessary precautions.
Naomi Glover
Naomi Glover
Naomi Glover is a multifaceted writer and beauty enthusiast, specializing in uncovering the latest trends in cosmetics, skincare, and celebrity beauty secrets. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Naomi has contributed captivating articles to prominent beauty and entertainment publications such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Entertainment Weekly.

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