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How To Post Anniversary On Facebook

For a woman, the one year anniversary is one of the most celebrated occasions in life. It’s the one time in a woman’s life when she gets to celebrate with her friends and family the years of their marriage or relationship. Since Facebook is so popular nowadays, it would make a very nice and special present for one year anniversaries. Many people are now asking how to post anniversary on Facebook, so they can easily share the happy news with friends and family. And if you happen to know how to do it the right way, then there would be no problem for you.

Since Facebook is so popular now, there are already many users who have signed up for this website. Every single day, there are new updates and announcements posted on their walls. There are many pictures uploaded every day, from all the places where the ladies have been for one year. So, if you really want to wish your friends well, the best way to do it is to send them messages. And since Facebook was also created by an internet marketer, there are actually lots of things you can do to promote the news.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do when learning how to post anniversary on Facebook is to create a page for your friend.

This is done by signing up for the account using your personal details and creating a cover photo for your profile. Once your cover photo has been set up, you can already add a short message for your friend to read.

The next step would be for you to choose your network.

You can either create a community for your friends or a single page. As a matter of fact, if you prefer to keep your personal information protected and private, you can always create a page within Facebook, and share updates about your family and close friends. Or, you can invite your friends to update their status every time they would like to see new information about you and your friends.

When learning how to post anniversary on Facebook, you should start to add all the people that you know. This includes those from school, workplace, church, or family. Or, you can start searching from your closest contacts or your extended network. By adding all these people, you will be able to update your status about your friends birthdays, weddings, promotions, and other relevant information. However, you can also update the status about any significant anniversary with any old information that you want to share.

The third step is to click “Like” or “Share” your friend’s status updates.

As soon as you do this, the information will appear on your Facebook profile page. This is a great way for you to get updated about your friends’ lives. However, you have to be cautious in letting many people see your status updates.

After you learn how to post anniversary on Facebook, you will surely want to share this important information with your friends. Therefore, you should post the news to your friend’s wall. However, you have to make sure that your friend is not on your friends list before you share the news. If he is, his wall will be updated and he will see the updates.

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The fourth step on how to post anniversary on Facebook is to wait for your friends to accept the news.

Your friends might not accept the news at the first time but eventually accept it once they see that you care. In addition, you have to be careful enough not to reveal anything too personal, especially to your ex. However, if your friends would really like to see the updates, they would probably ask for your permission. Once you post the news, wait for approval and then start to share the good news to all your friends.


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