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Skoda Octavia Wagon iV, electric when you need it

We tried the plug-in hybrid variant of the Bohemian station wagon, here’s how it went

The Skoda Octavia Wagon iV is one of those cars that give certainty. Comfortable, spacious and technological, it has a style that is the perfect mix of elegance and understatement. In other words, the perfect alternative for those who do not want to give in to the SUV but need a lot of volume on board. The new generation has been on the market for a year now and we have already told you how it goes in the classic Diesel engine, which for those who travel a lot of kilometers is still the best solution. This time, however, we are dedicated to the more futuristic version, the plug-in hybrid. From a distance and stationary it is practically impossible to distinguish it from the other Octavia, while if it is in motion one is struck by the silence with which it is able to march. Yes, because the Skoda Octavia Wagon iV – iV is the acronym that distinguishes the cars with the plugof the Bohemian brad – combines a traditional petrol engine, 1.4 turbo 150 hp, with another electric 102 hp that is inserted inside the 6-speed DSG gearbox. The total power available is 204 hp, enough to sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds and go up to 220 km / h. It is the new frontier of electrification, the link between the car of the past and that of the future. Plug-in hybrid means that it can be recharged to fill up with electricity: by opening the flap near the driver’s door, it can be connected to a domestic socket, as if it were a smartphone, and in four it is fully charged. At this point you can move with zero emissions, even reaching 140 km / h and being able to count on a range (WLTP approved) that reaches 67 km,

This is the most efficient use of a plug-in which, when running out of electrons, becomes a traditional hybrid and still recovers the kinetic energy in the deceleration and braking phases. But the best thing is to do a little programming, to always have some current in the accumulators. Apart from refueling “on tap”, there are the methods of use, which allow you to travel only on petrol, preserving the charge for subsequent city use, or to recharge the batteries while driving, all highlighted by the dedicated digital instrumentation.

Electrification aside, the Octavia Wagon is very popular for its original but not exuberant character. It is not a premium product, but it ranks a little higher than in the past. An evident growth also inside where the virtual cockpit and the large central infotainment display create an elegant and functional whole. Then there are contents such as the head-up display – a first for Skoda – the predictive cruise control (with the steering wheel that detects the presence of the hands), the evolved side assist that works up to 70 meters and the emergency assist. , which in case of illness of the driver brings the car safely until it stops at the side of the road.

Then there are the 9 airbags and the Area View, to monitor the surroundings of the car with cameras. In short, a lot of equipment from higher category cars, as indeed the Octavia is as regards the capacity of the trunk, which has 640 liters of useful volume. Finally, as regards prices, the Octavia Wagon range starts at 25,200 euros, while for the plug-in it goes up to 39,400 euros.

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