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You can now buy a mini washing machine to clean your wireless earbuds

It only takes a few minutes to clean your earphones automatically. On Kickstarter, the washing machine has already raised € 30,000 in funding, here’s how it works.

The wireless headsets are one of the most appreciated gifts of the moment. In a historical moment when audio seems to have turned its back on the cable in choosing a wireless future, these little headphones seem to be the perfect solution in everyday life for calls, music and making requests to the digital assistant of your smartphone. . The most advanced models have everything you need: from noise cancellation to fast battery charging, from the sound equalizer to a thousand smart features to be activated with the application; the latest in-ear models have also put aside the problem of losing earphones on the subway . There remains one last obstacle to overcome:how to best clean these headphones? Prolonged use of an earphone can increase the internal temperature of the ear and produce fat and ear wax which inevitably settles on the earphone.

Without forgetting that, very often, wearing these earphones also involves coming into contact with dust and germs that we have in our bag or backpack and that have entered the charging case. So, since today we also pay particular attention to the sanitation of the environments, it is also necessary to take care of your wireless earphones. This is why the Cardlax EarBuds Washer was born , a “washing machine” for your smart headphones . Great as a pen holder, this cube is nothing more than a container where you can insert up to 4 headphones at the same time and start the cleaning cycle that lasts a few minutes . Obviously there is no use of water or harsh chemicals, but the use of one is mixed alcohol solution and using a high pressure brush to remove dirt from all cracks and exposed parts of your headphones. It starts with a rough cleaning with the brush that best cleans the earphones, then in the second phase an alcohol-soaked sponge is used to complete the hygiene of the product.

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At the moment the idea is only a prototype for sale on Kickstarter , where however it has already collected 27 thousand euros in less than 3 days and reaching the minimum quota of 5 thousand euros necessary to finance the project and start shipments throughout Europe – a starting next June. According to the inventors, the product is as good as new and is compatible with all commercially available wireless headphones, including AirPods, Galaxy Buds and Oppo Enco Xs . There is time until June 5 to participate in crowdfunding and buy your earphone washing machine for just under 30 euros .

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