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Will Apple introduce new AirPods soon?

According to rumors, Apple is planning new AirPods. A leaked photo is said to show the new generation of popular headphones. What can be seen coincides with previous speculations.
Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the third generation of AirPods wireless headphones . The expectations are high: It has already been reported several times in various media that the new models should be a middle ground between the regular AirPods and the more expensive AirPods Pro – this applies to both price and technical specifications. 

Apple leak: this is how the new AirPods should look

Now “MacRumors” showed a picture that is allegedly a leak from the new AirPods models . In addition to the headphones, the case can also be seen on it. As the website reports, the picture suggests exactly what was already prophesied: The new AirPods should have shorter trunks and the silicone earplugs should also be smaller.

Third generation AirPods with pressure relief system

According to “52Audio”, the new models will have the same pressure relief system that is also used in the AirPods Pro. This technology is intended to equalize the pressure in the ear and enable the wearer to wear it comfortably for hours. The charging case seems to be a bit rounder than that of the AirPods Pro and should therefore correspond more to the case of the regular AirPods. However, it should have an LED charge indicator on the front. 
In addition, it is “highly likely” that the new AirPods models allow both noise canceling and spatial audio , ie spatial sound reproduction. This would actually make the third generation headphones closer to the Pro models than to the regular AirPods.
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More rumors about Apple’s March keynote

Some insiders expect the third generation AirPods to be unveiled in March 2021 . According to rumors, Apple is planning a keynote conference on March 16, 2021, at which the Californian tech company could present the long-awaited tracking gadget AirTags and new iPads . The release of the latest generation of headphones also seems quite possible in this context. Tech expert Mark Gurman, on the other hand, rejected the March keynote. So far, Apple has not issued a statement on possible new AirPods models – so the March keynote remains pure speculation.
Ismael Brooks
Ismael Brooks
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