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iPhone 13: the very good news is confirmed

Scheduled for September 2021, the iPhone 13 should be equipped with a technology that has been expected for years. He will therefore obey with the finger and the eye.

This time, there is no longer any doubt: the iPhone 13 will finally embed this technology which, in our opinion, was sorely lacking. Since the iPhone X in 2017, Apple had decided to allow its users to unlock their smartphone with their face. It was then the arrival of Face ID: in two steps, the iPhone X scanned our face with a photo sensor placed at the top of the smartphone, at the front, and we could then present our face in front of the sensor to be recognized. and access the content. Technology is, and always has been, very effective. But it unfortunately led to the disappearance of Touch ID, digital recognition.

This Touch ID was however very practical since we did not have to carry the iPhone in front of our eyes to have access to it. It was enough to place one of his fingers whose imprint had been previously recorded and the trick was played. Except that for the screen to occupy a maximum of space on the front, it was necessary to remove the two large borders located at the top and bottom. And since the Touch ID was at the bottom, we had to say goodbye to it. Since then, the iPhone XS, 11 and 12 have kept Face ID, without digital recognition being introduced again. Yet the competition did.

Samsung , Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus have all in recent years integrated a fingerprint sensor under the screen, at the bottom of the phone. No space wasted for said screen, therefore, and another way for users to unlock their smartphone. But Apple never took the plunge. For two years, rumors have been rife about the return of Touch ID on iPhones, but nothing has materialized. With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, things could change. Wearing the mask has become mandatory almost everywhere in the world, facial recognition is not the most practical way to access the content of your phone. Those who have an iPhone are therefore a bit offended. Fortunately, the rumors for the integration of Touch ID are back and they look set to finally materialize.

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According to reports from iPhoneSoft , iOS 15, the operating system that will run on the iPhone 13 , would have a new API (Application Programming Interface) for biometric authentication that allowed double authentication: facial and digital. The fingerprint sensor would find place, as in the competition, under the screen, at the bottom of the iPhone 13 . This could be confirmed at Apple‘s developer conference, WWDC, which will take place, in virtual, June 7-11, 2021.

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