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    WhatsApp: how to hide the “writing” notification in the app

    If turning off the “online” status isn’t enough, here’s how to hide the “writing” notification on WhatsApp (although the process isn’t that simple).

    When we are using WhatsApp and we are in a conversation, if the other person is texting us, we can see the caption “writing”, which is very useful to stay listening to what we will read later. The same happens from the other point of view, when we respond or write. And while we don’t see anything wrong with it, some find it a little uncomfortable, especially if they want to write a message and don’t want the other person to expect it. So here we’re teaching you how to turn this off when we write (although it’s impossible to stop seeing this for others – unless they do the same).

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    It is possible to avoid being seen online on WhatsApp, however, this does not work when we are talking about the “writing” notification. Even though you can’t see the last connection, this message keeps popping up and it’s actually a little hard to hide. We explain here how to do it in three methods which go from the simplest to the least recommended.

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    Option 1: the easiest

    The first option to send a message without getting the warning is to use the phone’s Airplane mode. Here is how to do it:

    -Enter WhatsApp and open the conversation in which you want to send the message.

    -Before typing or clicking on the dialog, activate airplane mode on your phone and write the message (you can also activate it before so that your activity is not visible in the app).

    -Once you’ve typed, turn off airplane mode for the message to reach its recipient.

    – Another thing you can do is turn off Wi-Fi or mobile data, if you are using them, which will make it impossible to see you are writing and the message will arrive when you turn that option back on.

    Option 2: the most uncomfortable

    This option requires a little more work, but it works.

    -Enter WhatsApp and open Settings from the three-dot menu at the top.

    – There, enter notifications and turn on high priority notifications, which will allow message previews to be seen at the top of the screen or when the phone screen is off.

    Now every time you get a message in the app it will appear in this menu and if you answer in this box the other person will not see that you are writing. However, it is a little uncomfortable because if you receive a lot of messages or a few long ones, you have to open it to read it and choose the first option to send a message without the message “writing” appearing. .

    Option 3: applications

    An option that we don’t like that much because it requires the use of a third-party app (which can be a problem) but also works efficiently.

    -You can search for Flychat app (on Android) also used for WhatsApp private browsing.

    -Just download it and configure it with everything you want to activate and hide, including “writing” the message.

    -In the case of this app, you won’t be able to access voicemail messages or send pictures if you use it.

    The other option is GB WhatsApp, which adds a category to WhatsApp’s three-dot menu called “Privacy” where the message can be disabled.

    We do not recommend using apps that connect to WhatsApp, especially due to the change in WhatsApp privacy rules as some apps can retrieve data.

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