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Whatsapp cloud backups will now be password protected

Soon there will be an extra password to remember to access your cloud backups: how it will work and why forgetting it can cost you dearly

Your Whatsapp backups will be kept safer by protecting them with a password . If the messaging app has so far founded its success thanks to end-to-end encryption that secures your conversations by making them inaccessible to anyone outside your device, the same cannot be applied to the data saved on Google. Drive or iCloud which are (theoretically) accessible from the outside. Basically, Whatsapp allows you to have a mechanism for saving your chats if you want to change your smartphone – although there is still no data exchange between Android and iOS, making it almost impossible to transfer data between the two systems – but then it’s up to the external service to guarantee the security necessary to prevent access by cyber criminals. A protection system that has worked well so far, although recent cases of intrusion within the cloud systems have forced the messaging app to run for cover.

The aim is to procure your chats so no one may get them without the consent of one of the participants, making entry by third parties harder than today. According to that which was expected by Wabetainfo, the Twitter accounts that frequently anticipates the newest attributes of Whatsapp, the development group is working on placing a password to reestablish future copies , thus enabling you to get exactly the exact same amount of safety you have daily on classes or in personal conversations. In this manner, in case you opt to restore a rescue or change phones, simply enter the password to get into the information.

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When you input the code for your first-time you may need to validate the telephone number linked to the accounts and decide on a password of 8 characters you won’t ever have the ability to overlook, as – and if it had been supported, it will be quite insecure – Whatsapp won’t have the ability to assist you. Considering that the program won’t be able to get into the backup, it won’t even have the ability to consider the code that you entered, and so you’ll have to pay particular care to steer clear of bad road mishaps.

The feature is still being tested for today , but it may be formally launched for both iOS and Android during the upcoming few weeks.

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