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Whatsapp, flash playback arrives to speed up voice messages

Audio Notes are about to change with a new feature highly anticipated by users grappling with long-winded friends. Here’s how it will work

The voice messages of Whatsapp is one of the most controversial feature of the app messaging. Often, they are useful for quickly and verbally telling a story that would require dozens of words; at other times, they make you difficult in a meeting, at the cinema or in an office, where it becomes difficult to listen to files without disturbing others. In short, a delight for those who send them and a cross for those who receive them, transforming Whatsapp into the answering machine of the new millennium made up of voice messages to be listened to and re-listened to. All the more so since the messaging app made it easier to register them, since it allows you to no longer have to hold down the microphone during recording: just press the button, drag it up and hold it for a moment, until the microphone icon turns red and recording begins. This helps the verbose to make messages even longer and certainly does not help those who then have to listen to those audio notes. So how do you do it?

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Whatsapp has decided to meet us by working on a new feature that will allow us to have a flash playback of the audio notes, halving the listening time. Basically, next to the Play button that we find every day in our chats, we will find another button that will allow us to double the playback speed allowing us to listen to the clip in half the seconds. A nice advantage for those messages of more than 2 minutes that risk taking away too much time in the course of the work day. The Twitter profile WABetaInfo took care of announcing the news , always well informed when we talk about the news regarding Whatsapp, specifying that there is not yet an official release date, although the work is still in an early stage and not yet released in beta for iOS and Android.

Along with this great news that could guarantee us to live better inside the application, the Menlo Park group is about to release two other minor updates to voice messages: the blue check and the listening time. Until now, the double blue check that appears next to text messages or images was not present next to the audio notes because it was thought that it was enough to color the microphone icon blue to signal that the recipient had heard the message. But Whatsapp felt that this was not enough, so it is going to correct this mechanism by introducing blue ticks also for audio messages.

The same goes for the listening time : to standardize all the contents within the application, you can now know the exact moment in which a friend listens to your note. On Android just press on the menu inside the single chat and then click on Info, while on iOS it will be enough to swipe to the right on the message, just as it already happens with text messages.
Edmund Hurtt
Edmund Hurtt
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