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Vesta, from Amazon: The top secret robot will conquer our homes

If you’ve already gotten used to being laughed at by Alexa, Amazon’s Vesta will chase you around your house to make fun more efficiently.

The new Vesta device from Amazon is one of those creations that on paper seems crazy to us but that in 5 years we will all have going around the house. And we say circling in a literal sense.

Vesta’s role is to take the Echo identity one step further. We know that Amazon’s Vesta will be some kind of Echo on wheels, a device capable of moving around your house and solving your problems more efficiently.

According to Insider, Amazon’s Vesta will be able to respond to orders and interact with other devices in your smart home, but also much more. The device will have a screen, microphones, cameras, temperature, humidity and air quality sensors; a compartment to carry objects; and a pole capable of raising a camera to waist level that could help users find lost items.

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Its size will be about 10-13 inches and it has been in development for 4 years . But now we are closer to seeing the light, because it is already in the last prototype phase. With 800 employees working on it, Vesta is the latest big launch for Amazon.

Now it only remains to see if this great launch will be a bombshell like the Kindle or Echo was ; or if it will be a slap against the wall like the Fire Home , the failed attempt to create an Amazon smartphone.

Be that as it may, it seems that Amazon is not going to play it. It could be that at the beginning of its commercialization a Vesta can only be acquired by Amazon through a personal invitation and, once its commercial viability has been evaluated, it goes on sale to all households.

Remember that this is not the first similar invention to be produced. At CES last year, Samsung already presented its Ballie, a prototype that rolled around the house ahead of our needs. Vesta could be the phase prior to having a real version of this idea in our home.

Ismael Brooks
Ismael Brooks
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