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    Hidden funny functions in Tesla electric cars

    Tesla drivers have a lot to laugh about: The US carmaker has hidden some funny Easter eggs and gimmicks in its electric vehicles. These magic words and operating functions – not only Tesla drivers – have to know!

    The voice control of a Tesla brand electric car offers one or two surprises for the driver. The US carmaker keeps hiding so-called Easter eggs in its models. These are funny functions or gimmicks that can be triggered with the right voice command . Now the latest gimmick is causing a lot of smiles – and thanks to Twitter, not only among Tesla drivers.

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    The newest Easter egg from Tesla

    On April 9, 2021, a Twitter user reported a new Easter egg that Tesla had hidden in the software. Anyone who gives their vehicle the somewhat obscene voice command “Open butthole” (in German: “Open the A **** hole”) ensures that the car opens the loading cap. Another user who posted a video of the process proves that this statement is true and also shows that when the prompt “Close butthole” the same charging connection closes again.

    The Tesla is transformed into a Mars rover

    This is by no means the only gimmick of its kind that the company has hidden in its systems over time. For Easter eggs from Tesla, there is now even a separate Wikipedia page , which lists both those surprises that appear in regular models and those in cars that were not for sale. Of course, a Mars Easter Egg should not be missing – after all, we’re talking about the Elon Musk group, which wants to lead humanity to the red planet in the foreseeable future. (Also Read: Apple Maps as a pandemic helper: App now shows corona vaccination centers)

    Pressing the Tesla logo on the touchscreen for about five seconds and then entering the word “Mars” activates the so-called Mars mode . Here the GPS suddenly shows the surface of Mars, the vehicle on the map turns into a Mars rover and in the About tab the driver can no longer find information about his own car, but about the SpaceX Starship, such as the German one Technology platform “t3n” reports. (Also Read: Yandex will launch its own payment service)

    Another secret operating function: The Mario Kart mode

    Tesla has also integrated a Mario Kart mode . If you press the right lever behind the steering wheel four times in quick succession, you suddenly see the last Mario Kart level on your screen. In addition the song “Don’t Fear The Reaper” can be heard. (Also Read: Apple’s tracking transparency could strengthen Facebook)

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