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These are Apple Music key strategies to compete with Spotify

Apple Music is looking to compete with Spotify through some strategies that could pay off in the near future.

Apple Music takes time on the market of platforms to listen to music in streaming . However, for one reason or another, it still struggles to achieve the level of downloads and views that its direct competition, Spotify, has . At least in Mexico. (Also Read: Music in Your Home: Premium Sound Systems Offer Astounding Quality)

To better position itself in the market and increase its number of users, Apple Music is beginning to implement some measures that differentiate it from the other offerings. This is because the competition between Apple Music and Spotify is no secret and both are doing their best to stand out. Here we talk a little about some Apple Music strategies.

Higher pay to artists

Both Apple Music and Spotify pay artists depending on the number of plays their songs have, as well as the number of users they have. In fact, artists and musical groups often cannot sign up for Spotify if they do not have a certain number of followers in a short time. (Also Read: How Do I Add Multiple Spotify Account to My iPhone?)

A recent statement from Apple Music could spell a crossroads for Spotify regarding paying artists on the platforms . And it is known that Spotify pays artists an average of $ 0.0033 per playback. That is, you need to reach 250 listeners to earn at least $ 1. For its part, Apple Music will begin to pay two pesos for each reproduction that has a song. This offer can be attractive for artists, but also for users interested in the real pay to the artists they follow.

A bigger library

Another strategy that Apple Music is trying to compete with Spotify is to have a library with more songs available than the other streaming platform . So far, it is known that Spotify has 35 million songs while Apple Music reaches 45 million. This data can be extremely relevant for lovers of underground music. For example, something that happens often among lovers of electronic music , who are in constant search of less famous songs to fill their repertoires.

Increase compatible devices

Currently Apple Music is looking for ways to improve its compatibility with other devices. And it is that in this field Spotify does win , since this last platform allows the reproduction of music not only on Android phones, computers and tablets, but also on Apple . While, for its part, Apple Music can only be had on devices with a Mac operating system. However, the company is already contemplating ways to reach more devices. This through iTunes. (Also Read: Apple promises numerous innovations and confirms the first keynote date in 2021)

Siri integration

Apple Music seems to have better interaction with Siri than Spotify, as reported by some users of these applications. This makes sense if we think that Siri is part of the Mac family. Now, this does not mean that Spotify cannot be used through Siri, because it can, but perhaps the process is not as agile as it would be with Apple Music. Point in favor of Apple if yours are the commands aloud and remotely. Although this issue has caused controversy lately due to the possibility that Apple has to listen to our conversations through Siri.


Some users consider that Apple Music has a better interface than Spotify , especially in what corresponds to the accessibility that people have to their library, the music they recently listened to and some of their favorites. As well as the integration of podcasts in its streaming offer. (Also Read: What are the new innovations arriving the Apple Event “Spring Loaded”;?)

In relation to an issue that is often essential for users when choosing between directly competing brands is price. However, the cost difference between Apple Music and Spotify is not significant enough to be a deciding factor on users. The other points mentioned above could be some more important keys to this battle.

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