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    Here’s how to listen to music at the same time thanks to a new Apple product

    This little-known Apple feature is easy to use and will get rid of audio separators once and for all.

    Apple has signed the end of life for audio splitters, these small adapters that allowed several headphones to connect to a single smartphone and share the sound of music or video to several people at the same time. The Cupertino company has indeed set up an “audio sharing” function, which allows several people, thanks to the Bluetooth of iPhones and iPads, to simultaneously listen to an audio source from a single phone. Even though this option has been around for some time, the latest iOS 14 update has made it easier to use. However, it does require you to have both a compatible device and a compatible headphone model for it to work properly.

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    Compatible iPhone and iPad :

    • iPhone 8 or later
    • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation) or later
    • 11-inch iPad Pro
    • iPad Air (3rd generation)
    • iPad mini (5th generation)
    • iPad (5th generation) or later
    • iPod Touch (7th generation)]

    Compatible headphones :

    • AirPods Max
    • AirPods Pro
    • AirPods (1st generation) or later
    • Powerbeats
    • Solo Pro
    • Powerbeats Pro
    • Wireless Powerbeats3
    • Beats Solo3 Wireless
    • Beats Studio3 Wireless
    • BeatsX
    • Beats Flex

    To take advantage of this option, the procedure is very simple:

    Connect your headphones via Bluetooth to your Apple device → Press the AirPlay icon which is either in your control center or in the application you wish to use → Press “Share audio” → Pair the second pair of headphones to your device (AirPods or Beats) → Once the second pair appears on your screen press “Share audio” again and you’re done.With this feature, watching a video or listening to music with others becomes much easier and more practical, provided you have the compatible elements.

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    If you ever experience any difficulty with this feature, all additional information can be found on the Apple Support site .

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