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How eBay became the preferred marketplace for French collectors

While there are few opportunities to shop around this time, it is still possible to do so on eBay. What delight the French collectors who are more and more numerous to satisfy their passion for the objects of art and of collection on the platform according to an IFOP / eBay study carried out in March.

Limitation of travel, new health standards… Impacted by the consequences of the confinement imposed by the government in the fight against the coronavirus, the flea market and garage sales has collapsed. And while spring is usually the death knell for these blissful gatherings, most have been canceled and will not be able to take place in the coming months. A problem for many French people, who are used to traveling hundreds of kilometers to find bargains and who can no longer, today, fully satisfy their desires for collectibles. However, whether it is to follow the trend or out of real passion, there are more than 8 million collectors or art / craft lovers in France according to an IFOP study carried out among collectors in March 2021 for eBay. 79% of them have already made a collection in their lifetime, and more than one in three French people still collect today. In 2020, collectors spent an average of 184 euros for their collection (the estimated average value of a collection in all categories is 2,717.80 euros), especially watch collectors (604 euros).

But how can the demand be met when all the events dedicated to collectors are canceled? “With its title as the leading European marketplace with an inventory of more than 1.7 billion items and more than 185 million active buyers in more than 190 countries, eBay is naturally establishing itself as a privileged spectator of passions of the French ”, reports Sarah Tayeb, eBay France sales manager. She continues, “The millions of collectibles on eBay reflect the diversity and strength of the passions of our buyers.” Exactly, eBay: for 20 years, the platform has allowed “hard” collectors but also fans of flea markets and garage sales who occasionally hunt, to find unique pieces, in all categories, which correspond to their desires, their needs, their needs. passions. And for good reason, to find the rare pearl, eBay offers them a large inventory of more than 1.4 billion items and more than 31 million listings in the “Collections” category. For the record: the very first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer sold off by the founder of the site Pierre Omidyar, this is what convinced him of the potential of his idea and made him want to go further.

What are the most trendy objects among collectors?

Among the most searched keywords, the platform identifies a strong demand for advertising enamel signs, Dinky Toys cars and Lego games. Sales influenced by film releases and sporting events: “2 years ago, when the first film in the Back to the Future saga was showing, fans swore only by the car linked to the film” , says Sarah Tayeb. Same craze, later, when James Mangold’s film with Matt Damon and Christian Bale, Le Mans 66,arrived at the cinema. Other very popular items: Pokémon and Yugi-Oh collectible card games, collectible postcards or collection caps or caps, but also stamps. Besides the desire to collect for pure hedonism, many people do it to invest because yes, the stamp never loses value. Philatelists (the name given to these postage stamp collectors) today have a strong interest in pre-WWII or extremely modern stamps from 1995 to the present day. Same story for gold coins which, even if the currency is slowly disappearing in favor of card payment and banking applications, are still very present on eBay.fr: the Mint category takes third place in the ranking of the most popular collection families and has one sale every 47 seconds. And then, among other unusual collections, there is the “Ovokindersuprisophilia”. Understand: Kinder Surprise toy lovers. In 2019, three sales of mini games hidden in Kinder Surprise eggs were recorded every hour (these mountable toys accounted for 65% of sales with 42 sales per day).

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As for so-called “modern” collectibles, 27% of French people have already collected records and vinyls, 13% watches, 12% electronic devices (game consoles, high-tech, etc.) and 8% sneakers. According to an eBay study, 59% of sneaker collectors do so out of speculation and out of a desire to assert their passion for society. More or less funny consequence: these sneaker enthusiasts would also occupy the third place of the podium of collectors having experienced couple disputes because of their passion (51% against 32% on average) and the fourth place of the podium of collectors having experienced a love breakup because of the latter (21% against 7% on average). Proof, if there was one, that hunting for basketball is serious business.

As to who these collectors are, the majority are men, but women are not left out (82% against 75% of women). Also, the under 35s are the most numerous (44%, including 49% of 18-24 year olds, against 37% over 35). Nevertheless, the most collectors of all are those aged 65 and over, 82% of whom have collected a collection in their lifetime. Geographically speaking, the inhabitants of Ile-de-France and Provence are tied on the podium of current collectors. And if you listen to this community of enthusiasts, eBay is definitely the go-to marketplace for hunting. “Indeed, among the 49% of collectors who recommend eBay, 63% believe the marketplace due to its international character, 58% due to its auction format which allows for good deals, 58% for its larger inventory than elsewhere, 50% for its community of enthusiasts, but also for its more attractive prices and reliable than elsewhere, 46% and 42% respectively ”, confirms Sarah Tayeb.

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