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Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? This is how it should work soon

Anyone who has changed operating systems in recent years knows how many steps it takes to transfer a backup between an iPhone and an Android smartphone: Here is the solution to the problem.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? This is how it works

WhatsApp aims to fix one of the biggest problems in the history of the application and create a way to transfer chat history between Android and iOS quickly and easily. We explain here how this could soon work. (Also read:iPhone, how the “Where Is” app works to track down all lost or stolen items )

WhatsApp: This problem should finally be fixed

Anyone who has ever changed the operating system has been faced with countless complicated steps to download the backup from Android and transfer it to the new iPhone and vice versa. A process so muddled that even most geeks give up sooner or later. 

The problem: The lack of compatibility between the files stored on Google Drive and the files on iCloud. Since the app saves the data in two different formats, transferring information is almost impossible. There are already paid apps that convert the data and give you your chats back on WhatsApp – but you run the risk of being excluded from the app. The regulation prohibits the use of unofficial apps. Now the messaging app has decided to fix this nerve-wracking problem.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? A major system update should provide the solution

The mechanism is part of a major system update that is pushing the unification of messaging platforms within the Facebook group. The need for flexibility and integration with these new systems has made compatibility between iOS and Android possible – and is intended to guarantee access to the account from any type of device. At the moment it is still a novelty in the testing phase, but the work seems to be well advanced and could be rolled out in the next few months.

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At the moment we don’t know exactly how this system will work. However, all guesses point to a simple download that starts right inside the application. A backup is automatically created that can be edited by both your iPhone and your Android smartphone. A mini revolution for WhatsApp users that could save a lot of time and effort for anyone switching operating systems.

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