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How much YouTube spends on its content creators

Content creators have been able to earn money with their content on YouTube for a long time. It was recently announced that YouTube had spent a whopping $ 30 billion on its creators over the past three years.

• YouTube spends 30 billion US dollars on creators
Facebook and TikTok are also planning to invest billions in creators
• YouTube’s advertising income can keep up with subscription income from Netflix

YouTube spent $ 30 billion on content

Just recently, Google announced Subsidiary YouTube, according to Barron’s, announced that the company had spent $ 30 billion on its creators over the past three years. This publication makes it clear to investors how much money the US video portal spends on the many different contents on the website. What exactly the 30 billion will be spent on, however, is not specified. Aside from advertising revenue, Alphabet doesn’t provide any specifics in its reports about other revenue that YouTube generates, such as subscriptions. In general, Alphabet only discloses the business results of the Google Services segment, which covers all business areas – with the exception of Google Cloud and Moon Shot projects, which are listed in Other Bets.

Other platforms also invest large amounts in their creators

However, YouTube is not the only platform that is willing to invest a lot of money in its content. Facebook also says it plans to invest more than one billion US dollars by the end of 2022 in programs that will offer users new and creative opportunities to earn money with their content on Facebook and Instagram. The Chinese video portal TikTok unveiled the $ 200 million TikTok Creator Fund in July, which supports creators who have achieved at least 100,000 authentic video views in the last 30 days. Within the next three years, the Creator Fund is expected to grow to over a billion US dollars in the US and even to double that worldwide.

YouTube’s business rivals that of Netflix

As Barron’s further reports, with the new information on the output of the video platform, YouTube can now be better compared with the streaming service Netflix . The business of the Alphabet subsidiary could well compete with that of Netflix, it continues: “It is expected that YouTube, a subsidiary of Alphabet (GOOGLE), this year advertising revenue of 28.7 billion US dollars while Wall Street expects Netflix to generate $ 29.7 billion in subscription revenue.”

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