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Subsidiaries that belong to the search engine giant Google

Since it was founded around 20 years ago, Google has developed into a well-known global corporation. Despite the parent company Alphabet, the search engine giant still has numerous companies under it, such as YouTube, HTC, reCAPTCHA and Co ..

• Google has established itself as a valuable brand over the years
• Mother of numerous subsidiaries of its own
• Companies such as YouTube , Android , Tenor, Nest Labs and many others are under the Google umbrella

The US technology company Google , headquartered in Mountain View, California, has been a subsidiary of the Alphabet holding company since 2015 . Through a restructuring, the Google shares were converted into Alphabet shares at that time and the company itself was divided into several subcontractors.

Google was originally founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin , who until recently headed the parent company. “We did a lot of things back then that seemed crazy at first. A lot of these crazy things now have more than a billion users, like Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome and Android. And that wasn’t enough for us. We’re still trying to do things that other people think are crazy, but we are completely enthusiastic about them, “said Page some time ago, as quoted by the online marketing agency Hanseranking. Google became known primarily for its search engine; over time, the company has established itself as the world’s largest search engine, with a market share of around 90 percent for search queries. Since it was founded over 20 years ago, the search engine giant has developed into a valuable company and a well-known brand.


Android – a brand known to most people, was bought out by Google in 2005. It is both an operating system and a software platform for mobile devices and thus offers solutions for smartphones, cell phones, televisions, media players, netbooks and tablets.


Another well-known subsidiary that has been part of Google since 2006 is YouTube. It is probably the best-known video portal that can be used for free uploads and streaming.


In 2007, the search engine giant acquired DoubleClick. At the time, it was the largest acquisition in Google’s company history. The group had prevailed against competitors such as Microsoft and Yahoo. DoubleClick develops and sells technologies and services for advertising and marketing agencies as well as other online marketing solutions. Last year, DoubleClick was combined with the Google Analytics 360 Suite and now runs under the Google Marketing Platform brand.


reCAPTCHA – another company that is unlikely to be unknown to anyone. A service that offers website protection from spammers has been operated by Google since 2009. He tries to differentiate whether certain actions are carried out by a real person or a computer program or a bot.


In 2009, Google took over the rights to the platform, and in the next year the group acquired AdMob in full. Even Apple had then expressed interest in a takeover, but was outbid by Google. AdMob stands for Mobile Advertising and specializes in advertising on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.


Kaggle, an online community for data scientists, has been under the Google umbrella since 2017. At Kaggle, it is particularly about the organization of data science and machine learning competitions.


The Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones, tablets, VR glasses and Co., HTC, has also been part of Google since 2017. At that time, the group had secured part of the HTC developers and the license to use HTC patents for 1.1 billion US dollars.


In the following year, Google took over Tenor, an online GIF search engine and database that is used in messengers and keyboard apps around the world. “Tenor finds the right GIFs for the right moment, so that you can find the right GIF for the respective mood,” Internetworld quotes Cathy Edwards, Vice President of Engineering at Google. “Tenor will help us to do the same with Google Images and other GIF-using products […],” continued Tenor’s takeover in 2018.

Nest Labs

Since February 2018, Nest Labs has also been under the umbrella of Google. The automation company offers smart home solutions such as intelligent cameras, video doorbells, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, thermostats and much more.

The list of Google’s subsidiaries could go on for a long time. Companies such as VirusTotal, Waze, ITA Software and many others have also been taken over and integrated by the search engine giant over the years. If Google sticks to this strategy, the list of subsidiaries is likely to get longer and longer in the future.

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