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How to Carve a Turkey Breast Like a Pro

If you want to know how to carve a turkey breast, let me show you how!

Now before I start telling you how to do it, I should probably tell you why I feel qualified to teach you how to carve a turkey breast (or any other kind of turkey for that matter). Grilling turkeys is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a juicy, tasty bird that is also good for you. And now, after so many years of experience, I am going to share with you how to cook a turkey breast so that you can start enjoying the same delicious taste that I do!

How to carve a turkey rest is very similar to how to carve a turkey. With either an electric or manual turkey rest, you can carve a turkey perfectly, slice it perfectly, and slide it right into your nice warm meal. So read on!

First, you need to remove the turkey’s giblets.

To do this, just take a pair of kitchen scissors and very gently cut the giblet from behind the neck up to about half way up the rear of the turkey. Be careful not to cut too far above the hip joint or you will have some serious bleeding down there!

Now, if you have a longer cut, make another one!

Keep on cutting all the way around until you get to the bottom of the turkey. Then just continue carving the way you did the other side. You’ll notice that the bottom meat has a very nice browned taste.

Once you’ve got that part down, it’s time to move on to the other side of the bird. This is the best part of carving turkeys because you get to see all the beautiful bits and pieces sticking out of the back. Start by making a big cut across the bottom in one fell swoop. Use your knife to continue along the bottom until you come to the tail feathers.

Now, if you were trying to remove the joint in the first pass, all you have to do is cut through that. Keep doing this until you come to the joint where the skin has been removed. It’s also important to remove any bone fragments that you might find.

If you are a real meat eater, you probably don’t need to worry about removing the skin. If you are cutting into the turkey for a roast, however, you will want to remove it. Just hold the knife parallel to the ground and cut across the grain with your cutting tool. If you are serving the turkey on a cutting board, just be sure you don’t cut through the basting sauce or the stuffing.

So now that you know how to carve a turkey using the guidelines above, you can get started immediately and get a delicious meal straight away. Make sure you use the proper cutting tools and always use the best quality meat. When you slice the turkey the right away, you will savor the taste of the bird and its great fat content.

Speaking of fat, you should put the turkey in the roasting pan along with the appropriate amount of fat according to what you are serving on the platter. Usually, a whole turkey weighs in at approximately three to four pounds. If you are going to serve it on the side, you might consider placing half a pound of the lean meat on each side of the platter. This is the right way to cut the meat and it will give it a good result when you are carving it.

After you have placed the meat on the platter, you will need to brown the strips. Place the turkey on top of the colored plastic and allow it to brown for about one minute. When the bottom gets dark, it is time to remove it. Put it in your rotisserie for easy carving.

Next, you will need to remove the breastbone from the turkey.

Using a knife that comes equipped with a hooked blade, gently pull the breastbone away from the thigh bone. Now, you can free the remaining flesh on the breast and continue with the carving.

To finish, you will need to remove the wing and the remaining parts of the wing.

You can use a fork to gently remove the wing from the bird. You will then use a carving knife to carve up the remaining pieces of the turkey. When you have finished, it is time to serve your favorite dishes such as the stuffing, cranberry sauce, and the pepper jack cheese. Make sure that the carving knife is clean before putting the turkey back on the platter, otherwise your guests will be left waiting to eat!


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