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How to Block Facebook Groups – Basic Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

So you want to know how to block Facebook group pages?

Well, if you want to avoid the headaches that come with unwanted Facebook contacts, then this article will explain how to block groups on Facebook. It is an unfortunate fact of using the social networking website that some people end up having more people added to their list than they initially intended. Now, if you have a tight budget or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of blocking individual contact information then there are other ways of avoiding unwanted Facebook group friends. As an example, you can use one of the many Facebook applications that are available to block or ignore people. You can even set up your own private profile so that you won’t have to add everyone in the block list.

One of the most popular methods of blocking people from your group pages on Facebook is to use the “blocks” feature available. This feature is usually located at the bottom corner of the page where it looks like a series of numbers. Simply tapping the numbers will let you see all the groups that are currently “blocked.” To view the block list, all you have to do is tap on “blocks.”

The next way of how to block Facebook groups is to use the “unfriend” function available on each individual profile. This will let you erase people from your Facebook pages by selecting the appropriate user and pressing on the “unfriend” button. However, this will only work if you are the administrator of the particular group.

One way of how to block Facebook groups is to block individual profiles by entering their user name. To do this, click on the user name and click on “Blocks.” When done, you will see the corresponding block list. However, blocks can only be applied to one person per account.

You may also choose to send a private message to a user name when he or she requests to be removed from a group. To do this, click on the” Message” icon at the top-right corner of the main menu and scroll down to “PM.” At the end of the message, type the user name of the person whom you want to send the private message to and then click send.

Another method of how to block Facebook groups is to use the report option available at the top-left corner of the main menu. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the following page, click on “Report blocked.” A new window will open up prompting you to provide the contact information of the person whose pages you want to report. Click on “block,” and the blocked person’s profile page will become reded out. You may also see a pop-up stating that you have reached your limit for blocking a certain person.

Groups you do not want to get involved in are often automatically flagged by the system. These include groups with members who have expressed any type of extreme behavior, such as making threats or posting inflammatory messages. There may also be a high number of people in a particular group who repeatedly send messages laden with spelling errors and grammatical errors. The system assumes these people are not smart enough to post anything meaningful, so they should be ignored. However, there are those who are active members of such groups who are obviously trying to attract more friends or spread some misinformation. In cases like this, you can politely let the person know that his comment or postings are not welcome on your page.

One of the easiest ways of how to block Facebook groups is to use a service called Facebook Insider.

Using the “Insider Tools,” you can actually see which groups your friends are a part of and exactly what activities they are doing inside of those groups. You can also see which pages your friends have joined and, if you wish, you can even block their access to those pages as well. As you can see, the key to learning how to block Facebook groups is for you to learn how to look at the bigger picture. It is much easier to stop yourself from doing something than to try to find out how to block a group you don’t want to be part of.


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