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How to Know If Someone Unfriended Me on Facebook

Are you asking yourself “How do I know if someone unfriended me on Facebook?”

You have probably gone through the situation where someone you know has become your friend and then later you find out that they have been unfriending you. It can be very hurtful and difficult to recover from this situation. So how do you go about recovering from it? Here are some tips.

If you have found someone on Facebook that you have not been in contact with for a very long time, maybe you should think about stopping the communication. Communication stinks and it is very hard to reverse friendship after it has happened. If you are unsure of what to do next, see if the person will consider taking you back into their social circle or at least adding you on their friends list. This can show them that they still care and that they are not completely alone in the world.

Look at all of your available social networks. Are there any that you have recently become a member of? If you find someone that you may have lost touch with, go through their recent activities and see if you can find out more. Chances are that there may be someone on Facebook that you have not seen in quite a while and that is enough to make you want to get back in there.

Does your Facebook profile allow you to search for people by their names?

There is a search box on the upper right hand side entitled “search by name”. You type in the person’s name that you know is an account on Facebook. If it shows that they are an active member, then you can proceed to further interaction. Otherwise, you have crossed the line and there is no turning back.

There is one sure fire way to determine whether or not you should try and reconnect with someone whom you unfriended. Is their page private? Many people choose to keep their profiles as private as possible. Others do not mind letting all of their friends know about who they are, but prefer not to have anyone else know this. If the former is true, then you should try to contact them to see how they are doing.

If they are actively trying to hide it, then they obviously feel like it is a bad thing. They would probably appreciate if you were to simply return the messages. A simple “hi, how are you doing?” can usually get the message across.

How do you know if someone you just lost contact with is happy?

If they are posting things on there about how much they miss you, then they are definitely unhappy. On the other hand, if they seem to be enjoying themselves and posting things like ” Been outside enjoying the fresh air, watching the sun set. Feeling fine. See ya soon!” then they most likely are doing just fine.

How to know if someone unfriended me on Facebook can be tricky. You have to look at their page more closely. You have to read through their recent activity. Do not be afraid to hit their return button if you are not completely satisfied. After all, Facebook is a social networking site, and you should enjoy communicating with those that you find to be close to you.

What if someone has marked their status update as “closed”?

You will have to know how to know if someone followed me on Facebook. Since people will usually re-age their news feed to make it appear to their friends that they updated, you will know when someone has marked their feed “closed”. Check their timeline to see where they last updated. In many cases, this will be right where they indicated that they are going to go.

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How to know if someone unfriended me on Facebook is also tricky if they are acting as themselves on the social network. For example, if you check their profile picture on their page and it is a different person, that could mean that they are trying to trick you into thinking they are someone else on the site. That said, it is still possible to figure out if someone is who they claim to be.

One of my friends used to keep adding new people to her friends list and then would disappear for no reason at all. I went through a whole series of extreme tests to determine whether she was really single or not. She finally confessed to me after I confronted her about the fact that she was an unfriendly person. It turns out that she was actually married! Now that saved me a ton of frustration.


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