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Netflix has a new function for you to watch your favourite series and movies offline

Anyone who has taken the subway regularly in the last decade will know Netflix Offline Consumer for miles While some traveler drag their thumbs across the screen, others stare blankly, others read and a privileged few sleep, Netflix Offline Consumers remain static, their faces illuminated with colors at times and the screen telling them what that is about last chapter that you are looking forward to seeing when you get home.

This human typology has that extra intelligence that makes them remember to download the next episode of the Netflix series that they are watching when you forget it, or that they always carry a movie in their bedroom, just in case.

Thanks to Netflix , arriving on the train and not having anything downloaded to watch happens less often. Since 2018 we have active Smart Downloads, which automatically download the next chapter of the series that you are devouring and erase those that you have already seen to save space. Now that little elf who makes sure you’re never short of content goes one step further.

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What is Downloads for you, the latest Netflix feature

As reported by a public announcement from Netflix, the platform’s latest feature was launched for Android yesterday , taking offline playback to the next level. Downloads for you (that’s the name) will make your mobile application automatically download not the next episode of your series, but series and movies based on the products you have seen, so that when you finish that series you will not run out of entertainment on- the-go.

To activate it, you just have to go to the “Downloads” page in the Netflix app, click on “Downloads for you” and choose how much storage space you want to dedicate to Netflix : 1 GB, 3 GB or 5 GB. Finally, click on “Activate”.

From now on, your application will make sure to always have the space you have assigned it full of content to watch . The recommendations taken to another level, the audiovisual download more personal and intelligent than ever.

When will Downloads for you arrive on our mobiles

The feature is now available globally for Android , and will soon begin testing on iOS as well .

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