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Netflix : “Sky Rojo” series from the makers of “House of Money” promises

The makers of the hit series “House of Money” are following up on Netflix. Her new series “Sky Rojo” turns three women into heroines on the run from their pimps.

Fans of “House of Money” can look forward to it. In just a few days, a new original series will start on Netflix, behind which the creators Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato are also behind. They landed a global surprise hit on Netflix in 2017 with the bank robbery series. “House of Money” was at times the most watched non-English language series on the streaming platform. The drama about a bank robbery and hostage-taking was originally developed for Spanish television. The creators have tailored the new series “Sky Rojo” entirely to Netflix.

New Netflix series “Sky Rojo”

“Sky Rojo” will also be available for German Netflix subscribers from March 19, 2021. The streaming service promises a “new series full of action, black humor and pure adrenaline”. The trailer, published a few days before the start, actually holds out the prospect of a wild ride. This time Pina and Martínez Lobato kidnap the audience from the bank to the brothel.

At first glance, the work of Coral (Verónica Sánchez), Wendy (Lali Espósito) and Gina (Yany Prado) may seem glamorous. In truth, however, the women in Club Las Novias suffer from the tyranny of their pimp Romeo (Asier Etxeandia). When one of them tries to kill his life, the trio runs away. Of course, Romeo doesn’t even think about letting his “employees” go. He sends his two henchmen on their heels, Christian (Enric Auquer) and Moisés (Miguel Ángel Silvestre).

Silvestre is known to fans from “Narcos”, where he played Franklin Jurado. The actor apparently made an impression on the series maker. Pina didn’t just cast him in “Sky Rojo”. The Spaniard can also be seen in season five of “House of Money”. (Also Read: Justice League Snyder Cut Leaks on HBO and … Good News)

Netflix orders second season of “Sky Rojo”

What exactly happens to Coral, Wendy and Gina on their road movie escape, Netflix and the show runner keep to themselves for the time being. The trailer, however, arouses associations with revenge fantasies of female outlaws like “Thelma & Louise” and “Kill Bill”. The latter is not a coincidence. Pina and Martínez Lobato have described their new work as “Latin Pulp”, a Spanish homage to the penny literature that Quentin Tarantino immortalized on the big screen.

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While the “House of Money” filmed for television had come up with episodes in the classic one-hour length, Pina and Martínez Lobato strike a different beat with “Sky Rojo”. The eight episodes of the first season are only 25 minutes long. That allows a frenetic energy on the screen, the show runners had explained. According to “Variety”, the second season is already a done deal.

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