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Donald Trump: The ex-president messes with Meghan Markle

Ex-US President Donald Trump is flirting with a renewed candidacy. Every occasion is right. Now a rumor about Meghan Markle and her alleged ambitions for the White House had to serve.

Anyone who thought that the former US President Donald Trump would disappear into oblivion after his historic election defeat and the mob storm he fueled on the Capitol is wrong. The Republican lost an important mouthpiece after being blocked by Twitter. But he is now using public appearances and television interviews to position himself for a possible presidential candidacy in 2024. In an interview with his favorite broadcaster Fox News, albeit somewhat disgraced, Meghan Markle was now used as a justification for running again.

Donald Trump criticizes Meghan Markle

The question came at the end of the interview. Fox News presenter Maria Bartiromo got muddled and falsely made it appear as if the Duchess of Sussex herself had announced that she was considering a candidacy for the US presidency. Trump gladly accepted the bill. “I hope that happens. Because if that happens, I think I would be even more inclined to run,” replied the Republican who was connected by phone.

“I’m not a fan of her,” Trump added, referring to Markle’s statements about the British royal family. The former “Suits” actress had accused the royal family of racism in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. For Trump, the matter was as simple as usual. “I know the Queen, as you know. I’ve met the Queen and I think the Queen is a great person. And I’m not a fan of Meghan.”

Does Markle want to be Trump’s successor?

That the American Meghan Markle could run in the 2024 election instead of incumbent President Joe Biden or any other high-ranking Democrat sounds absurd. The background to Bartiromo’s question was probably an article in the British newspaper “The Mail on Sunday”. She claims to have spoken to an insider from the administration of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The Labor politician with allegedly good connections to Washington, DC has claimed that Markle is campaigning among leading US Democrats for a possible presidential candidacy and is even working on campaigns and fundraisers.

At least theoretically, the statement of an alleged confidante of the “Suits” actress from 2020 fits in. She had told Vanity Fair magazine about Markle: “I think, should Meghan and Harry ever give up their titles, they would seriously think about it, for now, To run for president.

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