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How to Make My Friends on Facebook Private

The question of how to make my friends on Facebook private has been asked numerous times in the form of a quiz. The results show that most people find it difficult to answer correctly. They seem not to understand how to manage their privacy settings on Facebook and end up making blunders when trying to manage their personal information. It is therefore obvious that people need to get a clear understanding about how to make them more private. This article looks closely at two methods that can help in this regard.

  • The first and the foremost way:

are to remove your account completely from the social networking site and then come up with a list within the privacy settings of your profile. However, this option does not always work as desired. Some people are not comfortable removing their account for good and do not want to give up all the personal information that they have posted. As a result, the removal of the list within the profile becomes useless.

  • The second option:

is to create a new page within the site that does not show up in your news feed or within the news feeds of other people. In other words, you create a “protected” profile page where your friends cannot view it. You can specify certain features that allow you to control who can access your page such as whether your status updates show up or not. This means that the question of how to make my friends on Facebook private is not answered in any particular manner.

Many people make the mistake of believing that a protected profile will cause a certain amount of anonymity from their markups. This is far from true. While the privacy feature of Facebook allows you to restrict views of your posts and photos by adding filters, you are still left vulnerable to the actions of other users on the site.

For example, if your Facebook page allows comments then other people can post comments right onto your page. This means that if you want to know how to make my friends on Facebook private you have to be careful what comments you allow through your page. Leaving comments that are abusive or threatening may lead to the removal of your ability to post comments on other peoples’ pages.

How to make my friends on Facebook private also has a lot to do with avoiding the spread of information about your personal life. If you are a business owner on the social networking site then you may wish to set your privacy options so that only friends can view the information. This ensures that you can limit access to certain information without causing more harm than good to your business. Of course, once you have created a private profile for your company, any updates regarding your business, expansion, etc, will not be viewed by random strangers.

When you look at how to make my friends on Facebook private, there are several things to keep in mind. To begin with, you need to make sure that the information that is available is actually information that your friends can use. If it is something embarrassing or otherwise not suitable, you may want to consider removing it from your page completely. On the other hand, if you make changes to your page regularly then you may wish to keep such information hidden until you are ready to make them public. This will ensure that your page stays interesting and that your friends continue to see new and interesting things on your page each day. If you can keep your page completely private then you can also avoid the flood of unwanted messages that can flood a person’s inbox when they try to seek out information that they cannot find on their own.

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While this may seem like a daunting task, it is actually much easier than you might think. The best way to make sure that your Facebook privacy is protected is to sign up for an account with a site like MySpace before you begin trying to figure out how to make my friends on Facebook private. This will ensure that your page is protected from just about anyone who happens to know you in some way or another. After all, even if your primary reason for making and using the social networking website is to socialize with your friends, you do not necessarily want everyone to be able to see every picture and every status update that you make. This is particularly true if you happen to make a good amount of posts on a regular basis.


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