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Slow metabolism, the definitive test for weight loss

Knowing how to measure your metabolism in the right way is the first step to being successful. But you also need to know how to unlock it: in Milan, a specialized center starts with breathing

Slow metabolism: here is an argument that respects gender equality.

Men and women have the same problem but it must be faced differently: to understand how, we need to start with a correct measurement of the metabolic state to identify the factors that affect the inflammasome, the inflammation of visceral and subcutaneous fat cells. A multi-cause condition (nutrition, stress, hormones) that after the age of 40 becomes a general catchphrase: it happens that the adipocytes, the fat cells, gain weight very easily and lose weight with increasing difficulty. The Metabolism Acceleration Center (CAM) in Milan is the first structure in Italy to dedicate itself solely to the treatment of slow metabolism. Objective: to unlock it once and for all. How, explains Luca Marco Giraldin, manager of the center.

Metabolic state: two words that hide a world

And it is important to know your own, because we live in a sedentary society and maintaining a healthy weight is complicated, especially as you get older: knowing everything about the starting metabolism of the individual is needed to have an effective weight loss of fat mass only.
Speaking of men, the problem is usually concentrated in the abdominal area: it happens to see subjects with very thin legs and a belly. That subcutaneous and visceral fat is an indication of an alteration, the so-called inflammasome, a term that is becoming more and more familiar to us: it means that the fat cells are covered by a layer of glycoproteins that blocks the receptors of weight loss. By knowing how to act on the basic metabolism, one can speed it up and reverse the process.

First step, the analysis of oxygen and hydrogen

Initial check-ups are increasingly targeted: for starters, there are breath tests. The first, called BreezingPro, measures oxygen consumption over a certain period of time: it is used to calculate how many calories are consumed per day, especially at rest, and which of the macronutrients – lipids and carbohydrates – are used most by the body. . The second, the FoodMarble, is the test that analyzes the concentration of hydrogen in the air you exhale. Background: food travels through the stomach and small intestine to be absorbed; if not fully digested, it proceeds to the large intestine, where bacteria subject it to a fermentation process that produces hydrogen. The latter is transported by the blood to the lungs and then expelled: measuring its presence serves to understand the degree of intestinal inflammation, even without relevant symptoms. From there, one can understand which foods accentuate the inflammasome.

The ideal temperature to stay slim

Each body, male or female, should have a temperature equal to or higher than 36 degrees: in this case the thermogenesis, or the production of heat by the organism, is correct; if the metabolism is blocked, however, a lower temperature is observed. To keep the body warm, the body consumes macronutrients such as glucose, lipids, proteins. But in addition to the “what”, the “how” counts: the metabolic machine responds to many different stimuli, from the endocrine ones to stress, to physical activity. So having a low or slow metabolism does not mean consuming macro elements badly, but rather not being able to count on optimal metabolic efficiency, on an engine that runs at the right speed.A laziness that contrasts by intervening on the ability to oxidize fats well and burn the sugars present in the blood.

Cryogenic therapy: why start again from -100 degrees

Metabolism is like a muscle: if you don’t keep it active, it loses efficiency. The upside is that he can always learn, again, to react correctly. To teach it, cryogenic therapy is used: an abrupt lowering of the skin temperature has the immediate effect of waking up the metabolism, which feels compelled to react to raise the body temperature; it is a process that continues even in the hours following the session and which consequently stimulates the consumption of calories. It is especially important to cool the adipose tissue of the axillary cavity and the vessels of the neck, to stimulate the thermal receptors directly connected with the thyroid
The patient enters the so-called thermogenic accelerator, where he remains at a temperature that touches -100 degrees. It is a very dry cold, absolutely tolerable. Hands and feet are protected by gloves and shoes. At that point, the thermal shock produces an adrenaline rush that intensifies the consumption of calories. It is a technique also recommended for people who are very overweight, often in difficulty with physical activity due to pain in the knees or back.

A dip in a frozen lake is not the same thing

In reality, cold water activates the metabolic stimulation anyway, but it does not make you lose weight. What matters is the whole: a stimulus to thermogenesis aimed at the demolition of the deposited fat, but also a synergistic strategy to cure the inflammasome. What if there are foods that by their nature help the process? Technically capable of accelerating metabolism from a thermal point of view, no. But there are molecules capable of acting as biological catalysts: they are in ginger and turmeric, in substances such as lycopene, which gives the red color to fruits and vegetables, but zinc also helps. These micro substances are like traffic lights in a city: if used in the right way they are able to facilitate the flow of vehicles, and therefore the metabolism.

And finally, the secret of oxygen-ozonated water.

It is recommended to drink it because it gives oxygen to the cells, allowing them to better burn the stored calories: the aqueous solution of ozonides is absorbed in the stomach, enters the circulation and is transported by the blood where it is needed; ozone itself is a powerful anti-inflammatory that dissolves the mucus that covers the fat cells and that extinguishes the inflammation that makes weight loss difficult.

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Goodbye to excess pounds, but in how long?

The course includes a metabolic check-up, the identification of the correct release strategy in two, three weeks, a phase of acceleration of the metabolism of four weeks, a consolidation phase of another four weeks. In 10 weeks you can say goodbye to 8, 13 kilos: a significant reduction from an aesthetic point of view – because fat weighs little but has a large volume – but what matters is that the metabolism is finally restarted.

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