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When will Apple glasses arrive? These are the predictions of the experts

An expert says that Apple prepares three types of devices: a helmet, glasses and contact lenses.

Apple glasses (also known as Apple Glasses ) are the great bet for the future of the company directed by Tim Cook . If the smartphone dies, the successor is clear: augmented reality glasses . What is this device for? Basically, to see a layer of virtual reality superimposed on reality. For example, imagine looking at the sky, watching a plane go by and your Apple Glasses telling you where it is going, its speed and its course.

When we first heard the word “Apple Glasses”, rumors suggested that the glasses would be released this year. But with Apple’s 2020 product line fully developed with models like the iPhone 12 , Apple Watch Series 6, and AirPods Max , Apple’s augmented reality glasses of the near future looked blurry.

A trusted analyst said Apple Glass could arrive as soon as next year, while another source for Apple’s product launch believes the launch won’t happen until 2022. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said the earliest we’ll see them is 2023. Either way, it looks like the project is underway.

Now, the expert in leaks about Apple Ming-Chi Kuo, assures that they will be launched in 2025 … and that there will be 3 devices. “We predict that Apple’s augmented reality product roadmap includes three phases: an augmented reality headset by 2022, glasses by 2025, and contact lenses by 2030-2040,” reports the analyst. Helmet product will provide Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences, while eyewear and contact lens product types are more likely to focus on augmented reality applications.

These three products would feature Sony’s Micro O-LED displays that work with numerous optical modules . The next devices can provide augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, and would be completely independent, it would not be necessary to link them with a computer or an iPhone, since they would have independent power supply and storage. However, despite this independence, Kuo assures that it will not be a ‘mobile’ object, at least the helmet . “When technology improves, we believe the new helmet product can also improve your mobility,” he says.

Price and weight of Apple glasses

At the moment, the prototypes of the mixed reality headsets weigh between 200 and 300 grams, but Kuo expects the final product to drop to a weight of 100 to 200 grams , provided that Apple fixes some of the technical problems. Without a doubt, the goal is ambitious, since the AirPods Max , a device that in theory does not have such advanced technology as these virtual reality helmets, weighs 385 grams. Citing a complex design, the analyst also predicts a higher price for the device, set around $ 1,000 for the US market.

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