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The first hotel in space orbit will be a reality in 2027

The Voyager Station Hotel will be the first hotel to orbit the Earth. Ready in 2027 it will have all the comforts: restaurants, suites, gym and concert hall

There has been talk for some time about tourism in space , about future projects with eccentric billionaires who finance trips destined to remain on paper for a few more years. And then there are projects such as that of the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) , “the first large-scale space construction company”, which immediately propel us towards truly unprecedented and futuristic scenarios. Looking at the orbiting station comes to mind the 2001 film A Space Odyssey . And it is no coincidence, given that Tim Alatorre, one of the architects who took care of the project, has said several times that the hotel is inspired by the famous Stanley Kubrick film.

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Among all the projects presented so far (in 2018 that of Orion Span was presented, which never took off), this one of the Hotel Voyager Station is a daydream for those who dream or have dreamed of space at least once in their life. If it is realized (the if is obviously a must since the funding will have to be really substantial and it is not certain that they will be found), it will become the first space hotel in the universe. A pioneering structure that could be ready in 2027 in the rosiest of forecasts.

0-gravity space station

The hotel will be positioned in the low earth orbit, between 300 and 1000 km of altitude, designed to produce varying levels of artificial gravity (by increasing or decreasing the rotational speed) and thus ensure guests do not have to float in zero gravity. and to be able to keep your feet on the ground, as on earth . A peculiarity that will allow guests to do almost anything, differentiating it from all the other spatial experiences proposed so far. There will be halls from which to see the lights of the Earth, huge elevators that connect the modules together and the shuttles “parked” between the transport units. «A house with the technologies of Space to have the comforts of the Earth» they say on the project website where you can already make a reservation or apply to invest in the project.

Elite “space” tourism

“The largest man-made structure in space” (this is how Voyager defines itself) is a candidate to be a support for space agencies that want to experiment, as well as for tourists who decide to stay there, having the most incredible experience of life without giving up all imaginable comforts.

Villas, suites, gym and concert hall

Forget bunks and freeze-dried food that astronauts are used to, the stay at the Hotel Voyager Station  will have everything you need for a comfortable stay, starting with large living spaces positioned in 24 modules between the two rings of the “wheel” . There is talk of villas of 500 square meters with three bedrooms, kitchen, and 16 beds in all that can be rented for a week, a month, and even bought. For those traveling alone or as a couple, suites of 30 square meters with private bathroom are available. 

Then there will be other common recreational spaces, such as the gym complete with a regular basketball court for playing in weightlessness and a treadmill overlooking the Earth, a cinema room and even the concert hall where – Voyager announces – «the greatest musicians of the world will play. Land”. There will be one sky bar and restaurant gourmet where you also eat fresh food, delivered on the basis thanks to new launch vehicles that will bring goods and people, as ShapeShipTwo of Virgin Galactic or CrewDragon of Space X of Elon Musk .

How much will the stay cost?

Obviously the costs have not yet been communicated. On the site, however, they assure: “that they will not be as exorbitant as one might expect”. Do you proclaim? Surely it will not be an experience for everyone, having to add, in addition to the living room, also the journey necessary to get up there, in the place, a little closer to the stars and where to look at our beloved Earth from top to bottom. .

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