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Elon Musk wants to create a city of his own

It will be called “Starbase” and it will be in Texas, and this time it is not just a dream.

Elon Musk now wants to build an entire city of his own in Texas, and he even chose the name: it will be called Starbase . He announced it on Twitter with a twitter of just six words which, as always, sent his 48 million followers into raptures: now that we write, he has almost 14 thousand retweets, and 216 thousand “likes”:

The city will be in southern Texas, in Boca Chica , home to the Space X base (which has just tested the new prototype of the Starship rocket for travel to Mars, but exploded – in a very similar way to the first two – shortly after a landing. succeeded). Musk intends not only to change its name (to Starbaseprecisely), but above all to transform this practically deserted area into a futuristic city starting from the basics. It will start from the infrastructures, such as the electricity and water systems that Boca Chica does not now have (water arrives in tankers from neighboring areas), and then it will think about new laws. Thus it will become a private city, on the model of other similar realities that are about to be born in Arizona on the initiative of CEOs of large companies and multimillionaires. For example, Bill Gates , who invested $ 80 million in a piece of land near Phoenix that he wants to transform into a smart city.

This is not science fiction: Starbase is not one of Elon Musk’s (many) dreamer intentions . Cameron County, where Boca Chica is located, in a notein fact, she announced that she had been officially contacted to annex the village to the new city of Elon Musk. In the same note, County Judge Eddie Treviño Jr wrote that “If Elon Musk wants to go all the way down this road, he has to do it by following the rules. Cameron County will initiate a petition in accordance with applicable law ”, thus announcing that the South African entrepreneur’s idea of ​​submitting the idea to the local population is okay. It is no coincidence that everything is happening now: in Texas Musk is building a new plant where it will produce Tesla pickups, and also the state has just announced the end of the restrictions for Covid. This is no small detail for the entrepreneur, who accused the state of California, in which he lives, of fascism,

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