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There is a new COVID vaccine to protect cats

The Italian company Evvivax and the American Applied DNA Sciences have developed it, and the results after phase one are also very promising for humans.

While vaccinations against Covid on humans continue slowly due to the stop at Johnson & Johnson and, in some countries, also at AstraZeneca , the experimentation of an anti-Covid serum for animals that promises to be particularly effective is going ahead at steady pace. , and also useful for humans: it is called LinearDNA ™ COVID-19 , it is a product of the Italian company Evvivax and of the American Applied DNA Sciences and has just completed phase one with very promising results.

The first phase of experimentation was conducted at the Cornell University Animal Health Diagnostic Center on a group of adult cats, with the electroporation technique : that is, they were injected with the medicine, before an electrical impulse that allows for the molecules to penetrate to accelerate the immune response. The injection was given in February and, in addition to not causing adverse reactions, it immunized all cats who, at the time of the serological test, were shown to have a high number of neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.. In the meantime, the experimentation continues: at the end of April, after the second dose, the scientists will carry out other checks to assess the amount of new antibodies produced (they expect them to be 3-4 times greater) and then, in September, a final examination to understand how much time they last .

The results, according to the scientists who are carrying out the study, are “convincing”, and “very encouraging”, with potential positive effects on humans, as well as on animals . James A. Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA, in the note released by the company, explained that in several pets in the US and Great Britain new variants have been found, including the English one, and specified that ” although not there is evidence of transmission from pets to their owners, the pet test rate for COVID-19 is too low to estimate infection rates . The experiments will therefore continue, also on other species, such as mink bred for commercial purposes,among the species most affected by the virus. Precisely for this reason, in several countries of northern Europe, entire farms with millions of specimens have been exterminated. 

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Furthermore, the novelty could open a promising path for man for another reason , and thanks to an Italian company. The electroporation technique tested on cats is in fact the same on which the human vaccine is based on which the biotechnology company of Castel Romano Takis Biotech is working, whose CEO – Luigi Aurisicchio – is also the head of Evvivax. In fact, Dr. Auricchio declared at Ansa: “It is a very positive result, which validates the technology behind the vaccine.. The first real proof of principle that a genetic vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus based on the DNA electroporation technique stimulates an immune response ». While the experiments with the Italian-American serum continue, encouraging news arrives on the same issue from Russia, which has just approved the Karnivak-Kov: the first vaccine for animals ever , effective in 100% of cases.

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