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How to download Clubhouse on Android right now

The app is not yet available on the Play Store but there is an alternative way that allows you to have it immediately on your Android smartphone.

Clubhouse is about to arrive on Android after the huge success of the first months on iOS . The app created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth is working on developing the application for smartphones with the Google operating system: a sort of definitive consecration that aims to dramatically expand the already considerable user base of the application that it already has 8 million downloads in Italy alone . It will still take months to have the audio social network in official form on Android but if you do not want to wait and want to jump right into the mix of audio rooms you can download it immediately using a channel outside the Play Store. Some independent developers have tried to shorten the waiting time, creating a port on Android with the source code of Clubhouse, accessible to anyone. What does it mean? Put simply, Grishka – this is the name of the developer – has transformed the file available for iOS in such a way that it also works on the Big G operating system . The result is an APK file that you can download here and which takes the name of House Club : the interface is slightly different but the operation is guaranteed.

Once downloaded, just open the file, give all the permissions and that’s it . If you have received an invitation or have already registered on iOS, you will need to enter your phone number and activate your account again to access the rooms and scheduled events. And if you are worried about any security risks, it is good to clarify that although this is an unofficial version, it is still the result of an open source work based on the iOS version that should not contain major dangers. In this way you access an almost complete version of the very famous social network: the audio in the various rooms works well, as does the booking mechanism to speak.The only limitation is that you cannot create new chats and that you have to authenticate with the phone number every time you exit the application.

A small price to pay to be among the first to be able to use the app outside of iOS and take advantage of all its advantages. For those unfamiliar with Clubhouse, this is a new tool that allows users from all over the world to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships and much more. After registering you are faced with a myriad of different rooms / chats depending on the topic you are interested in, in something that is very close to an interactive podcast where you can sit and listen to the opinions of others or participate with your own audio contribution. A mix between a live conversation, a group discussion and networking opportunity that can bridge the gap of not being able to meet friends and family in person at the time of the pandemic. An idea that was also seized by other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter who are already working on similar solutions to be implemented within their platforms.

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