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How To Link Amazon and Etsy to Your Facebook Page

So you want to know how to link to Amazon and Etsy to your Facebook page?

It’s easy.

You may already know how to link to Amazon and Etsy to your Google page. Or maybe not. But just so you know, the “how to link my Facebook to my” topic is pretty much the same as the one on how to link my twitter to my Facebook.

In both of those cases, if you do it right, you will definitely see some results. The only real difference is that when you link to Amazon and Etsy to your Facebook page, your page will really begin to draw traffic from those two very popular sites. As Amazon and Etsy have solid page ranks, getting people to click on your affiliate links and then shopping on their site, you will see a positive boost in your overall sales. This does mean that each of your sales will slow down.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that your Amazon and Etsy links are all living. You don’t want to screw them up and cause more headache than they already have. But you also don’t want them to ever go anywhere else. The easiest way to do that is to keep them all live, with active affiliate links pointing to each of them.

And the same goes for your eBay and Craigslist links. If you can, try to incorporate those into your Facebook page as well. The more information you have about each site, the better. You should have an actual page ranking for each one (at least for now, there are rumors that Google is considering changing their page ranks). Then, on each page you have a link for each of those sites.

Every page has its own page rank. Each page of your website has a different “link value” than every other page of that website. By having each of your pages link up to Amazon or to your other affiliate sites, you can get traffic from those sites without getting traffic from the other, less popular sites. Just be sure not to overdo it with the Amazon or Etsy links, though. You don’t want to drive people away because you’re trying to build up your page rank, which means that you have to do it sparingly.

One way to do that sparingly is to add a Facebook widget to the Amazon or Etsy homepages. That way, when a visitor clicks on those links, they are redirected to your website, where they can see whatever it is that you have available. If they like it, they’ll click on the Amazon or Etsy link, and then you get paid. Simple, right?

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The second method involves building your own website, but instead of linking up to Amazon or Etsy, you link up to your own website. Why? Well, if you own your own site, you have a lot more flexibility with what kind of affiliate programs you can sign up with. If you don’t own a site, then you have to do whatever you can to get people to visit your own website, and that can sometimes be tough.

So, how to link to Amazon and etsy to your Facebook business page is basically to do as we mentioned above. Have each page of your website to link up to Amazon or to your other affiliate sites. Then, each time you do a referral transaction, you’ll earn some money. It’s that simple. We hope you take advantage of this awesome marketing opportunity.

You might think this is too simple to be true, but trust us it’s not. If you put your mind to it, you can find thousands of ways to make money online. Some of them involve complicated linking schemes, others involve actually creating websites. And some involve taking something simple like how to link to Amazon and etsy to your Facebook page and turning it into a full blown business. There are tons of ways to go about this, and I’m going to share one of them with you today.

This method requires that you take the easy route. Let’s say you have a blog that has good traffic, and you want to make some sales. The easiest thing to do would be to sign up for affiliate programs associated with Amazon and eBay. You’d go to their homepages and click on “Affiliate Programs” or “AdSense”. After that you’d fill in the details and make sure you put the link to your website in whatever you’re promoting. Easy enough, right?

The problem with this method of how to link to Amazon and etsy to your Facebook page is that Google will see those affiliate links and will count them as spam. The only way to keep your page free from spam is to keep your website’s link to itself as clear as possible. That’s the only way to successfully promote things on Facebook.

Stella Mason
Stella Mason
Stella Mason is a artist and blockchain enthusiast. She got in touch with crypto in 2016, but the fire really lit in 2017. Professionally she's a content optimization expert and worked for press agencies and video production companies, always with a focus on the video games & tech industry.

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