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How to tell if your iPhone is new (for real)

Especially on the Internet, the purchase of a new iPhone usually causes an uneasy feeling : I have a device truly brand new? Fortunately, that’s easy to check in Apple’s settings.

When it comes to buying a new iPhone , searching for bargains on the internet pays off. Although retailers like to exaggerate when it comes to the supposed official price of Apple devices, customers can easily save a good deal of money by not buying the new iPhone directly from the manufacturer.

However, saving is usually paid for with some residual risk . This is because a supposedly new device hasn’t always gone straight from the factory to the new owner through the retailer. A look at the device configuration can provide certainty.

How to recognize the origin of the iPhone

There you can at least see if the supposed new iPhone is really a device intended for retail sale. Additionally, there are also smartphones that have been refurbished by Apple for resale or trade-in devices in circulation. The way to get there is through “Settings”, “General” and “Information”. The phone’s model number is listed there The first letter is crucial.

“Chip” has once again shared the data that has been circulating on the network for years. According to the report, anyone who has bought a new iPhone would want to see an “M” as the first letter in the model number. According to the report, this means that the device was originally purchased on a regular basis from the manufacturer or an authorized reseller: “It was not traded or refurbished by Apple.” 

On the other hand, if the model number begins with an “F” , the buyer likely did not receive what they paid for. That’s because it is not a new iPhone , but a refurbished one. “This means that the device was regularly purchased from Apple, but was returned and reconditioned by the manufacturer,” the experts explain.

It is true that these older smartphones can also work properly. However, they must be sold as a used device at a correspondingly lower price.

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iPhone: the model number reveals its value

An “N” marks a device that has been replaced by Apple. “The reason for this could have been a technical problem, for example,” the report says. “Although it cannot be identified whether it is a retail device or a refurbished device. However, in principle, an Apple product with a model number ‘N’ can be compared to a retail device.” .

The set works not only for the iPhone , but also for the iPad or Apple laptop , according to “Chip.” “The iPhone Wiki” still includes the “P” among the possible letters of the model number. It is a smartphone that has been personalized by Apple with an engraving.

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