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Elon Musk wants to transform Tesla charging stations into 1950s drive-in

An idea to make waiting more pleasant with food, drinks and movies, which could very soon become reality starting from the new charging station in Santa Monica, California

We know that Elon Musk‘s imagination knows no bounds. And the multi-billionaire visionary wanted to reiterate this decisively once again: yes, because after looking towards the future by imagining new cities and settlements on Mars, the Tesla owner decided to turn his head back, and be inspired directly by the years. 50. Objective: to reinvent the very concept of charging stations for electric cars.

The revelation, as is often the case when it comes to Elon Musk, fell from the sky like lightning through a seemingly trivial Twitter post. A user posted a photo of a long queue of cars lined up in front of the Tesla charging station in Santa Monica , California, waiting for their turn to fill up on electricity. And the tag was enough for the good Elon Musk to receive a very juicy revelation in response: “A new maxi-charging station will arrive very soon in Santa Monica!” Musk said, adding that there would also be a 50s-style restaurant service and the possibility for customers waiting to enjoy the images of a hundred films. A sort of contemporary drive-in , in short.

And indeed, come to think of it, the idea sounds far from crazy. Although ever faster systems are being studied, electric recharging of a car still takes several minutes, to which are inevitably added those waiting for their turn in front of the column. So why not transform this moment into a pleasant all-round experience, complete with a restaurant service and the opportunity to enjoy a few minutes of cinematic relief? Who knows, maybe even from the same machine, like a real drive-in.

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Elon Musk’s tweet bodes well, and the final thanks to the city of Santa Monica itself seems to suggest that yes, there is indeed a project underway in this regard. It remains only to wait confidently, to trust in the imagination of the founder of Tesla and perhaps hope that everything will soon arrive in our country. Drive-in included.

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