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How to delete a WhatsApp conversation completely without leaving trace

If what you want is not to leave a trace of an interaction with a person on WhatsApp, it is not enough to delete a conversation. We tell you everything you must do.

The success of WhatsApp is due to the fact that it is an excellent platform to send and receive messages immediately, and this is achieved with a simple, easy-to-understand interface, which can be understood by any user. It is not difficult to know how to accommodate your conversations, archive them, block users, delete them and so on, just take a look at the menus and options offered by the platform, but despite this, Google is looking for many of those basic things.

For example, one of the simplest things that people look for on Google is how to delete a WhatsApp conversation, which is quite simple and is achieved by following a few steps, which you can repeat with any chat that you no longer want in your application . It is not a “trick” but a basic option. (Also Read: Damian Lillard is dropping “Dame Time” NFT collection)

Here we are going to say what steps are needed to do it, but we go one step further by showing everything we must do if what we want is not to leave a trace of that chat or any type of interaction with a person, which can be useful for a few and it may be the purpose they have when deleting a chat. First the basics. (Check: Whatsapp cloud backups will now be password protected)

How to delete a conversation on WhatsApp

  • We enter WhatsApp and look for the conversation that we want to delete .
  • We tap the chat and leave it selected until some icons appear at the top
  • There we identify the icon that has a trash can, which is usually the second from left to right. 
  • We click and a dialog box will appear that says ” Delete the chat with …?” along with an option that says ” Delete files from this chat.” This option is important because if we do not select it, some of the files that have been shared in that chat will still be kept, such as photographs, videos, among others. If what we want is not to leave a trace of the interaction, we can select that box and accept. If you’re not sure if you want to delete the files, first go through everything they shared and make sure you put whatever you want to save in a new folder. 

This option to delete the files does a large part of the work when we seek not to leave a trace of an interaction with a person. If you keep them there is no way to know that they came from that person, but the content can reveal it. (Also Read: WhatsApp Pink: a new virus to be aware of)

Another thing you can do is delete all the messages from that chat or activate the option of temporary messages to ensure that they are not saved every week, however, that is an option if the conversation is not that long. We recommend removing them in their entirety.

A next step you can take is to block the person, so that they cannot call you or send you messages, which will prevent a new conversation from opening. This only applies if you do not want to leave a trace of that person and no longer communicate with them, although you can unblock them later. If you want to recover deleted messages, it can also be achieved.

Call history and other points

A record that WhatsApp makes is that of the application’s incoming and outgoing calls. If you spoke to the person from whom you are deleting a conversation, they will still appear in that list, so what you can do is delete those calls from the history, or delete them all using the menu on the top right. (Also Read: How To Put Someone On a Restricted List On Facebook! Tricks You Don’t Want To Miss At All)

Two other extreme methods of leaving no trace of a user is to delete the backup of their messages, which can be done by connecting an Android phone to a computer and looking in the “Databases” folder for the user. It is enough to delete that data to forget that you were part of the platform. The core option is to delete the WhatsApp account , which may be the choice if we are constantly harassed by unknown users.

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