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WhatsApp Pink: a new virus to be aware of

WhatsApp Pink is a malware that promises to give the platform a color change, however, it can steal some data from users.

Although the presence of viruses and malware on the WhatsApp messaging platform is not new (since there have been several since its birth), this 2021 it seems that even more have emerged which are putting the data and security of the thousands at risk of millions of users who use the app every month. Not long ago we warned of some viruses, and now another is joining which comes disguised as an app called WhatsApp Pink, which uses deception for the user to install it, being able to steal information in a simple way.

WhatsApp Pink

Rajshekhar Rajaharia, an expert in cybersecurity, was the one who raised the alarm about WhatsApp Pink, pointing out on social networks: “ A virus is being distributed in WhatsApp groups with an APK download link . Do not click on any link with the name of # WhatsAppPink . All access to your phone will be lost. “An APK is the format in which the applications that we use on smartphones are downloaded. Applications such as Google Play install these APKs from their store, however, users can install some that are not found on the platform from their phones, which is particularly dangerous if the app is unreliable.

The virus can come from the hand of a WhatsApp user who has been infected by it, which will cause messages to be sent to groups stating that there is a new Facebook update which allows WhatsApp to change from green to pink, and presents to WhatsApp Pink as the most recent update that can offer that change, in addition to presenting other supposed features that can be attached to the application to give a better experience. However, once it is installed, the user can lose all control of their smartphone, not only exposing data from the app, but possibly from others. (Also Read: Netflix planning to enter the world of video games)

Recently, it was announced that WhatsApp would update its platform by integrating new options such as a color change within the application, however, this has not yet arrived, and the news served to make some users fall for the virus. Like this one, there are other fake applications such as WhatsApp Gold or WhatsApp Blue , with some even being promoted within the PlayStore , which offer different services, but in reality they only disguise malware that can perform different actions on the smartphone.

In general, even with applications that are in the PlayStore , it is not recommended to download applications that link to WhatsApp , since by giving permissions and installing them we could be exposing our messages and the sensitive information that we have in the app or on the phone. There are a few that are completely reliable, such as GB WhatsApp, but in general it is not recommended to use applications that modify the behavior of the app. (Also Read: The Netflix streamer now wants to act against viewers who share their passwords)

WhatsApp pointed out to Gadgets 360: “Anyone can receive an unusual, uncharacteristic or suspicious message on any service, including email, and whenever that happens, we strongly encourage everyone to exercise caution before responding or participating.” And the truth is that there are precautions that we must take, such as the one we mentioned about not installing APK applications or that can be linked to WhatsApp in any way.

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Another precaution is to be judgmental when seeing messages that promise these types of applications. These are usually written with bad spelling or grammar or mistakes even in the name of the app. Likewise, if a nearby user sends us a random link that does not resemble another that they have sent before, it is valid to ask what it is and make sure that it is not a message sent automatically. If you are in WhatsApp groups with people you do not know, avoid entering links or downloading things without knowing what it really is.

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