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WhatsApp: the reasons why it can block your number

All platforms have the right to block their users for different reasons and WhatsApp is no exception. If you don’t want to be without an account, avoid these actions.

Getting locked out of your WhatsApp account in this age is a nightmare. From one moment to the next we can run out of the main form of communication that we use for daily life or work, and although in some cases recovering it can be simple, in others it can be quite impossible. The most we can do to avoid being blocked is to have a normal behavior in the app and avoid the following points, which are reasons for the platform to leave us out.

Violation of the code of conduct

Many do not know it, but in the terms and conditions, users sign a code of conduct within the platform, which establishes that obscene, defamatory or threatening messages cannot be sent to another user. So, if we send content considered obscene or offensive, or if we attack another user on the platform, WhatsApp can block your number, sending a message to ask Support for help to recover the account. (Also Read: How To Mark Your Car On Google Maps)

In general, WhatsApp decides what is obscene, defamatory and others, so that on some occasions a user who has a bad behavior on the platform may not be suspended immediately, but until it is reported by another user.

Among the codes of conduct are some terms such as the word “pedophilia”, which, if used to name a group, can block you instantly. Other words that can be considered dangerous or offensive are quickly recognized by the platform. (Also Read: Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? This is how it should work soon)

Many users block you

Another reason why WhatsApp could leave you without an account is if a large number of users block you independently. Similarly, too many reports can cause the account to be canceled. If you don’t bother other people you shouldn’t worry, but those who harass, or spammers or hackers can get out of WhatsApp quickly.

Similarly, if you created many groups and they are reported by many people , WhatsApp can block the account.

Send a lot of messages to people who do not have you as a contact

This is part of the WhatsApp policies that have to do with spam. If you decide to send many messages to users who do not have you as a contact (mainly separated from the groups), the platform quickly identifies the behavior as spam, in addition to the previous point, it may happen, generating blocks by other people, thus raising App alarm about your behavior.

Also, if you send many messages in a short period of time, even using tools that allow you to send texts automatically, WhatsApp can identify suspicious activity and will block the number. This also happens if you start creating groups by adding random numbers. (Also Read: WhatsApp: How to add a contact without having their phone number?)

Use modified versions of WhatsApp or modify the application on your own

Another piece of information that comes within the Terms and Conditions of the application is that a modified version of the platform cannot be used, either through another app or by the same user who modifies part of the software. On many occasions, WhatsApp does not notice external applications, but if it identifies that you are using an alternative version or if you changed something within the app, it can block you instantly. The positive thing here is that the locks for these types of actions are brief and you can use the app again once you uninstall or delete the changes.

Hack, send dangerous files, viruses or malware

We know that a large part of WhatsApp users do not do this, however, when they are victims of a malware that controls the messages that come out of the app or that breaks into WhatsApp services , the user can be blocked.

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