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WhatsApp: How to add a contact without having their phone number?

WhatsApp has an option to add contacts without the need to have a phone. Here we show you how, plus we tell you how to send messages without adding someone to your calendar. 

Everyone uses WhatsApp . It would be strange to meet a person today and that they do not have the messaging application on their phone. The interesting thing is that, despite the fact that billions of people use this application around the world, not everyone knows everything that this platform can offer, they do not know how it can be adjusted for everyone’s taste, activating and deactivating all types options. In the same way, not everyone knows the tricks that serve to “turn it around” and skip steps that sometimes requires to perform some actions. 

We have already mentioned the basic tricks of WhatsApp , but this time we will focus on something that few know and that can be quite useful in some cases: adding a contact without having their phone number. 

In WhatsApp , in order to send a message to someone, we need to add them, and to do so, they need to be in our agenda with their phone number. Unlike other systems like Telegram , in which we can search for the person’s name and find it quickly, here it is a bit more complicated to be able to add someone without their number, but there is a way. 

How to add a contact without having their phone number?

What we will mention may not sound practical if you are someone who wants to add a person whose number you do not have at hand, but it can be useful if you do not want to give your number to someone and facilitate the process of adding you. This can be done with a QR code, which is generated from the app and that you can send to anyone to add you. We tell you how to do it:

  • We open WhatsApp .
  • We display the three-point menu in the upper right corner.
  • We select Settings.
  • In the settings menu, at the top is our username with our photo. 
  • A small GQ code appears on the right. Just select it to open it. 
  • You can put that code anywhere to be added. 
  • In that same menu you can scan a code that they have sent you.

In this way, the user is added automatically and we can send him a message, or he can write to us if he has our code. 

It is important not to share the QR code on the Internet or in other public places as that will make anyone write to you. It’s an easy way to get added without sharing your phone and avoiding that process. As we mentioned, it is helpful in very particular cases, and perhaps it can be more useful to commercial sites than to individuals. 

That would be the only way we can add someone without having their phone number. But, another thing that some users look for on the Internet (in addition to how to eliminate blue popcorn) is how to send a message to a number without having it added in the contact list. This is possible, but the method is a bit complicated. Here we explain.

How to send message to a number without adding it to WhatsApp?

  • For this we need to have a web browser, either on the phone or on a computer. 
  • In the navigation bar we need to insert this link: http://wa.me/xxxxxxxxxx
  • In this link the “xxx” represent the telephone number to which we want to send a message. 
  • If someone’s number is 12-345-678, the link would look like this: http://wa.me/12345678
  • This will open a WhatsApp page with the recipient’s number, and a button to send him a message, which will direct us back to the app, which will allow us to write to him without adding him to the contacts. 

Will these tricks work for you?

Ismael Brooks
Ismael Brooks
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