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Can’t stand too long vowels on WhatsApp? Find out what’s new!

Can’t stand voice messages that are too long? The feature that allows you to play them faster is coming!

Speed ​​change for voice messages on WhatsApp – The developers are working on a new function that will speed up the playback of voice notes on WhatsApp , very useful in the case of very long audio. The feature is already present in the beta version for Android.

If you can’t stand audio that exceeds one minute, a perfect feature for those who think like you is coming to WhatsApp!

Voice message speed on WhatsApp

In the new function I test phase, we note the presence of three playback speeds: original speed (1X), double (2X) and a third speed that increases by one and a half times the speed of the original version of the audio (1 , 5X).

The fact that there are three playback speeds is linked to the variable “how fast our interlocutor talks”: if the person who sends us the audio speaks very quickly about his or her, doubling the speed (2X) would make the received message incomprehensible. That’s why the 1.5X version is also present.

The original speed is instead the one currently present on the app.

What is the use of the ability to change the speed of the audio

Many of our interlocutors do not have the gift of synthesis. If we are doing something else – maybe a walk, housework or we are relaxing and with a lot of time available – long audio can be a pleasant company, otherwise listening to 11 minutes of message could be excessive time if we are in a hurry or busy doing other things.

The new feature introduced by WhatsApp will allow us to listen to long messages faster .

When the new feature arrives

It is not known when WhatsApp’s new voicemail feature will be available for Android and iOS. For now it is present, in the testing phase, in the beta version of the app.

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