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Will Google remove the snapshot feature?

The snapshot function in the Google app and the Google Assistant gives users an overview of personal information relating to their day. For some users, the snapshot buttons have now disappeared, leading to speculation as to whether the function will be removed.

• Snapshot: Newsfeed function about personal content
• Reaching this function is too cumbersome for some
• Snapshot buttons disappear for some users

Snapshot function

Snapshot is a newsfeed function that can be used both in the Google app and in the Google Assistant. However, it is not about external news from the Internet, but about a clear presentation of your own day, i.e. which appointments are due today, what is the weather like today or which things need to be done urgently today.

Too hidden to be used?

Initially, some users complained that the app could not be personalized. In the beginning, as SmartDroid reports, it was not possible to set permanent settings about which information should be displayed in the snapshot newsfeed. In 2020 the update came to personalize the information appearing in Snapshot. It is also said that Google has moved the Discover Feed function to the fore instead of Snapshot. In contrast to Snapshot, the Discover Feed function only shows content from the Internet and no personal information. In addition, the function is too difficult to achieve, according to SmartDroid. To do this, you first have to open the Discover Feed, the Google Assistant or the Google App and then press the Snapshot button.

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Snapshot has disappeared from some users

For many, the question arises whether the snapshot function will be removed from Google. For some users, the buttons that lead to the snapshot function have disappeared from both the Google app and the Google Assistant, according to SmartDroid. It is not yet known whether this is a bug or a test phase. In any case, there is no official statement from Google yet. It remains to be seen whether the buttons that lead to the function come back or the function is otherwise integrated or even removed.

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